The World’s First 9.1-inch Stretchable AMOLED Display Revealed by Samsung

26 May, 2017 Samsung

In accordance with their earlier announcement that they are going to present an industry-first stretchable OLED panel at the SID 2017, Samsung has just unveiled a 9.1-inch stretchable AMOLED panel that's built on LTPS (Low Temperature PolySilicon) technology. In addition to being stretchable, the display was fully capable of supporting multitouch as expected. Samsung is already the market leader in AMOLED panel manufacturing and this latest piece of tech further cements the Korean company's name on the top of the list.

The documents accompanying the display states a lot of details about the panel, but the highlight is the ability of the display to be stretched both in concave and convex designs. This leads us to the most important question of them all; what will Samsung be using it for? Will we be seeing a tablet sporting that remarkable panel anytime soon? Well, the answers to those questions remain a mystery for now because nothing of the sort was revealed by Samsung. Nevertheless, it will probably be a while before Samsung brings the technology to consumers. Then again, maybe we will see something revolutionary from the tech giant sooner than anybody thinks.

Saikat Kar (tech-enthusiast)

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