The new and “safe” Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will start selling from September 28

18 September, 2016 Samsung

Before the faulty batteries in some of them started to explode, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was a much loved handset that was definitely one of the top contenders for being the phone of the year. However, as Samsung has managed to locate and address the issue in their new batch of Note 7 smartphones, they will resume with the sales from September 28 in South Korea. The company hopes to replace/refund a large percentage of the older models by that time and is confident that in time, all of the old devices will be safely recalled back to the manufacturer.

The date on which the Note 7 will be made available for purchase in other nations around the world has not exactly been pointed out by Samsung yet, but it shouldn't take much longer now that the replacements are almost ready to be shipped. What remains to be seen is the impact that this incident will have on the sales figure of the new Notes. Even though Samsung has vouched that the new smartphones are completely safe, will enough customers believe them in a market filled with powerful flagship grade options from various competing manufacturers? We will soon find out.

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