Version number for Android N unintentionally revealed by Samsung

14 April, 2016 Android

A few weeks ago, Google released a developer's edition of the upcoming Android N and it was only available for download on select Nexus devices. However, much is still in ambiguity because the company is yet to announce an official release date, version number and the actual name of the OS. However, leaks have played an ever-increasing role in the last few years due to their surprisingly high accuracy rate. This time however, the leak did not come from a journalist or an inside man, but it is the Korean electronics giant, Samsung who has revealed it accidentally (we presume that it was an accident).

The information can be found in the release notes of Samsung's MultiWindow SDK, where it clearly states that, "This version has been released with Android N (7.0) compatibility." This confirms that Android N is going to be labelled version 7.0 and all we need now is the name of the OS. There have been rumors about the N standing for an Indian sweet/dessert, but we will need to wait a while longer before making a statement. Hopefully, more information regarding Android N will be officially revealed at the Google I/O conference in May. Which dessert do you think will be used by Google to identify their upcoming Android OS?



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