Watch an exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7

8 October, 2016 Samsung

As you probably know, the already bad situation turned worse for Samsung when a Galaxy Note 7 which was supposed to be safe, exploded right onboard a Southwest Airlines plane earlier in the week. This incident has resulted in the CPSC starting another investigation regarding the safety of the new Note 7s. Samsung is also carrying out their own investigation within the company to figure out the real reason behind this particular Note 7 catching fire, in addition to verifying if this phone was indeed a "safe" unit.

In the meanwhile, Applied Energy Hub battery laboratory has put before us, the exact nature of an exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7, via photos and videos. They simply applied pressure on the Note 7's battery until it began to smoke and then exploded into a ball of fire and smoke. The result of the experiment is scary enough to put most people off from buying the device, but keep in mind that this was a lab-controlled, forced experiment and not a real-life scenario. However, since the same thing would happen to your phone and anything near it, if you happen to own one of the malfunctioning smartphones, we are not so sure about the stylus toting phablet anymore.


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