Why do we love playing online mobile games so much?

14 April, 2020 Gaming



It is estimated there are now approximately 2.5 billion active Android users in the world. That is a lot of smartphones or tablets and a lot of people who enjoy using them in their daily life. One major thing all Android users love to do is play online games. An illustration of this is online casino real money games which many use their mobile devices to access. It is easy to see why these types of games are so popular as they give people the chance to win real money with little effort.  

The popularity of these types of online games is shown by how much they have caused mobile gaming revenues to rise. In 2019, it is thought that mobile gaming generated $68.5bn in global revenue, which made up a significant portion of the entire gaming revenue. With total global games revenue predicted to hit $196bn by 2022, we could well see online games played via mobile devices make even more money. But why do we love gaming in this way so much? 

They are fun!

This may sound a little simplistic but it does cut to the core of why online gaming is so popular. Humans are hardwired to seek out excitement and fun, especially if we have some free time or are feeling bored. Playing games over the internet helps us to satisfy this need for thrills and in turn makes us feel good. The feelings of satisfaction and happiness is what draws us back time and again to play online games. Of course, game developers know this and use immersive storylines, bright designs and cute characters to draw us in. 

Social element 




Another major reason that online gaming has caught on so much is the social interaction between players that it offers. Perhaps the easiest way to understand this is looking at how games such as Clash of Clans or PUBG mobile are so widely played. By allowing players all over the world to compete and interact online in games, it makes gaming itself a much more inclusive experience. It is certainly better than sitting on your own in front of a PC or console to play by yourself. Online games allow you to connect with others digitally wherever they are on the planet and to get more entertainment from playing games. That is not only true for mobile video gaming - Live Casino games on mobile casino sites now use online gaming tech to help players interact socially while playing. 

Great range to choose from 

From slots to card games, role-playing games, puzzle games, sports titles or action games, there is a great choice when it comes to online play. This means there is something for everyone, and that has helped us all fall in love with playing games over the internet. Most online mobile games are free to download, which makes it a cheaper way to play. If you get bored with the game you have been playing, and fancy trying something new, app stores, online casinos and internet gaming sites all make finding something new very easy.

Convenient and portable 

Android smartphones, like the Google Pixel 4a, took off originally because they made our lives easier and also fitted in with how we now live. This is also one reason why online gaming has become so popular around the world. They are the perfect way to quickly fill in any spare time you have on your way to work, during your lunch break or when bored at home. As online games can be picked up and put down instantly, they are a very convenient way to entertain yourself. Of course, portability is crucial for our modern lifestyles and online games you can play via your mobile tick the box here, too. Wherever you are, you can enjoy a fun game as long as you have your Android device with you and Wi-Fi access.

Online gaming is here to stay 

Anyone who owns an Android device knows what great fun online gaming is and just what makes this way of staying busy so loved. This is not actually limited to mobile gaming either. Playing online games has also taken off in the home computing market where many people connect globally through their PCs or consoles to battle it out. When you consider all the reasons above for the growth internet gaming has seen recently, it is no surprise to find it has quickly become a major part of many people's lives.



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