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Amazon is said to be planning to launch the most affordable Kindle Fire HD ever. At $99, this is sure to capture a lot of people's interest and with the price that it will be sold, Amazon does not aim to make a huge profit out of selling hardware but they do aim to be the number one content provider through sale of e-publications.

According to the source, the Kindle Fire HD will be a 7-incher and the same TI processor that other Kindle variants have. It will provide big savings compared to the present Kindle Fire HD's price, which is $199. Its nearest rival, the Asus Google Nexus 7, might really have to come up with a good promotion to compete with the planned 50% off of the Kindle Fire HD.

Although rumors about this tablet are rife, Amazon denies that it is conceptualizing a cheaper Kindle. However, it could actually become reality in the near future, since the prices of tablet parts are going down because of high demand for such products.

Source:  Techcrunch


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