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We have heard rumors of an Amazon smartphone for more than a year now, according to Financial Times report, the retail giant uses HTC to help it make its upcoming devices. Three different smartphones have been demonstrated to be in development, according to The Financial Times article, only one of the HTC-made devices is apparently close to completion.

One source warns the paper that while one of the devices is in the advanced stages of development, Amazon has pushed back its timetable before.

Amazon has not responded to requests for discuss the report, though it stated it has "no plans to offer a phone this year". HTC's chief of promoting Ben Ho also declined to discuss the Amazon partnership, but said that the manufacture is "always exploring new opportunities".


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Samsung, the world's largest flat-panel maker, is in talks trying sell Dutch subsidiary Liquavista BV to Amazon.com, according to bloomberg.

Liquavista, founded in 2006, specializes in a type of display technology known as electrowetting, mostly used in electronic readers, a shrinking market that's dominated by Amazon's Kindle devices. Samsung has followed a shift in consumer preference to smartphones and tablets, which mainly use liquid-crystal displays, or LCDs.

Details of the negotiations were not reported, but Bloomberg claims Samsung paid less than $100 million when it purchased Liquavista two years ago.

Source: Bloomberg

Great news for those still looking for a Galaxy Note 3, now you can obtain the Note 3 for less than $199.99 through Amazon.com -based on which carrier you select.

The following best offers are from Sprint, where one can get the phone for $219.99 for brand new clients, or $249.99 for individuals likely to upgrade. Amazon . com can also be offering a really small discount for AT&T clients, at $289.99 for new and existing customers. The AT&T cost cut may not be much of a difference, but every dollar counts.

Like a refresher, the Note 3 is run by a 2.3GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800, and comes outfitted with 3GB of RAM. Other specs incorporate a 5.7-inch Super AMOLED Full HD display, 32GB storage, microSD, 13MP back cam, 2MP front cam, an IR blaster, a 3,200 mAh battery and Android 4.3 Jelly Bean.

See review video below by Android Authority

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Amazon is said to be planning to launch the most affordable Kindle Fire HD ever. At $99, this is sure to capture a lot of people's interest and with the price that it will be sold, Amazon does not aim to make a huge profit out of selling hardware but they do aim to be the number one content provider through sale of e-publications.

According to the source, the Kindle Fire HD will be a 7-incher and the same TI processor that other Kindle variants have. It will provide big savings compared to the present Kindle Fire HD's price, which is $199. Its nearest rival, the Asus Google Nexus 7, might really have to come up with a good promotion to compete with the planned 50% off of the Kindle Fire HD.

Although rumors about this tablet are rife, Amazon denies that it is conceptualizing a cheaper Kindle. However, it could actually become reality in the near future, since the prices of tablet parts are going down because of high demand for such products.

Source:  Techcrunch

According to DigiTimes, Amazon is going to use a 4.7-inch screen for its smartphone that is expected to be released in the second quarter of 2013, according to industry supply chain sources.

The company was previously considering a 4.3-inch screen but later scrapped the idea after witnessing increased demand for larger size screens among consumers, said the DigiTimes.

Amazon has also reportedly been working on enhancing other specifications of the smartphone. However, the sources did not reveal if Amazon's recent changes to the device were the reason for rumors in the market stating that mass production of the device may be delayed until later in the second quarter of the year or possibly later.

The sources did indicate, however, that while Amazon is looking to a second-quarter release date for the device, it may not be able to release the smartphone on schedule, as production progress at its manufacturing partner, Foxconn International Holdings (FIH), has not been as smooth as expected.

Source: digitimes

Opera Mini is one of the easiest and simplest browsers to use before high speed wireless connectivity became the norm. Many people actually loved that their GPRS and EDGE-enabled phones were able to surf the net.

You just type in the URL and the website gets compressed and displayed on your phone. Pretty cool during those times considering that phones were not as powerful as those that we have now.

Now that the Opera Mini will be featured along with Amazon Silk in Google Chrome, these browsers will definitely catch the interests of many developers as they are slowly becoming open source. Had Opera Mini done this a long time ago, who knows if it could have developed the way that Mozilla Firefox did?

Also, Opera Mini on EDGE will still be useful for people in countries that do not have high-speed wireless networks.

Source: androidauthority

Amazon during recent times has been involved in making new deals and getting up some new companies. But, in all it didn't notified one of the fantastic camera features it provides in its phones. This feature allows the users to snap photos and they directly get auto-saved to their online cloud account. This according to Amazon was one of the demanding features by phone users and users have welcomed this app positively.

Previously, the pictures were saved into the phone, now by introducing this feature it have has allowed time wastage in uploading photos to the cloud-drive. This feature is available on all versions greater or equal to Android 4.0.4. Other fascinating feature by Amazon included: the feature of multiple downloading and uploading to the users. All these apps can be downloaded at Amazon's official app store or at the Google play.



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