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PC game addicts should certainly be familiar with the Magicka game, published by Paradox. This is a popular fantasy game that has been around since 2011; especially those who love role-play games that have excellent story line and gameplay, without compromising humor value. Today, it can already be played by Android and iOS users; however, it will only be available on tablets.

This game features four elemental magicians with various skills and abilities that you can play co-op, so you can gang up on bosses and their minions.

This PC game highly owes its success to its style of gameplay, which is similar to another popular pastime for PC gamers, the Diablo.

It is a bit simplified from its original version and the characters now fight on a plane using tapping gestures and controls. There are icons at the bottom that you can use to create spells and you can even combine each of the globes to create a signature spell that works on specific enemies. One downside is that it apparently does not work on the Nexus 7 yet, so users who want to play this fun game will have to wait for updates.

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