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For months, news about Apple's decline has been rife, even to the point of affecting the price of its stock. However, statistics show a different tune because Apple has steadily grown since December, even when new Android handsets were announced.

Last February, Apple posted a 3.95% growth since December last year, while Android remained static for the same period. Apple continues to dominate the US market and was up 1% from December last year, while it lags behind Android and two others in Asia.

Furthermore, Android users have yet to receive their fresh batch of Android phones this year, namely, Samsung Galaxy S 4, HTC One, LG Optimus G Pro, and the Sony Xperia Z. Too much competition for a single phone but looks like Apple can manage if it keeps posting slow but steady growth on key markets. It needs to improve a lot in the Asian market where Android is the leading OS. The good news for Apple is that they posted a 2% growth even in the Asian market and Android did not.

Give or take a few months and the scale may tip in favor of Android, then back to Apple again when the iPhone 5 finally gets introduced.

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