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October is not far from now but folks who are drawn to open-source devices are already rejoicing with the news that Ubuntu smartphones are going to be introduced that month. Moreover, this February, there will be a sort of a "test drive" using Ubuntu operating system on a Google Nexus phone. Along with Samsung, these two tech giants are inviting developers and enthusiasts to beta, tweaking and experimenting with an open source smartphone before the formal unveiling of the said Ubuntu phones.

Ubuntu's introduction as a potential competitor to Apple's IOS and Google's Android is somewhat polarizing. Furthermore, there is Microsoft Windows to take its share in the smartphone market. Many open-source patrons are naturally waiting for October to come, but it remains to be seen if much of the other smartphone enthusiasts will shift from their current operating systems and are willing to actually try Ubuntu smartphones. One thing is sure; Ubuntu phones will surely be promising when it comes to modification and the potential results of collaboration between talented developers and devotees.


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A hydrofluoric leak was confirmed by the police on a Samsung plant and it is believed to cause potentially harmful effects on nearby residence. Although the Korean tech giant has denied that the leak could potentially reach the residents, the police apparently got hold of a CCTV footage and found out that the harmful acid was indeed released by the STI Service, which is a subcontractor for Samsung and thus has proven that the chemical was released on the environment.

Hydrofluoric acid can cause deep burns that are very slow to heal and could potentially react with other elements and explode, making it a potential threat to the environment and the residents near the place of the leak. Furthermore, it is just as injurious to inhale noxious hydrofluoric acid fumes.

Samsung allegedly tried to cover up the incident but injuries and deaths of workers have been reported and the tech giant was fined a measly $923.




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