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Today, an accident took place at one of the Samsung Co. plants situated in Hwaseong, Korea. In the accident 1 person died and 4 got injured. The accident took place after a tank at the plant got leaked and hydrofluoric gas began to spread all over the plant's premises. Samsung soon contacted the STI service, but, the workers who came for the tank's maintenance weren't wearing the stuff required to eliminate chances of injury.

According to the report, the worker passed was only wore the gas mask and nothing else. Local authorities into the matter and they believe that the Samsung's official didn't informed STI properly regarding the leak which turned this into an accident. Furthermore, according to the sources, Samsung tried to cover this accident by not informing the officials after an hour the worker died. Now, Samsung has also broken out a statement to the people living nearby that the container is fixed and there is no health danger.


A hydrofluoric leak was confirmed by the police on a Samsung plant and it is believed to cause potentially harmful effects on nearby residence. Although the Korean tech giant has denied that the leak could potentially reach the residents, the police apparently got hold of a CCTV footage and found out that the harmful acid was indeed released by the STI Service, which is a subcontractor for Samsung and thus has proven that the chemical was released on the environment.

Hydrofluoric acid can cause deep burns that are very slow to heal and could potentially react with other elements and explode, making it a potential threat to the environment and the residents near the place of the leak. Furthermore, it is just as injurious to inhale noxious hydrofluoric acid fumes.

Samsung allegedly tried to cover up the incident but injuries and deaths of workers have been reported and the tech giant was fined a measly $923.




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