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Photos and a video of a Motorola smartphone have been leaked and it looks so much like a Google Nexus 4 device, save for the logo on the upper left portion. Also, it does not look to be the much-anticipated Motorola X phone, but possibly a mid-range device.

The back panel is slightly curved and has rounded edges and it surprisingly did not put Kevlar components, which is a defining characteristic for RAZR phones. Google cleaned out the Moto UI but left the typical round clock widget.

The video shows the phone's responsiveness and it can still be greatly improved as it looks tacky when the phone is tilted on one side. The guy on the video even held out an iPhone, apparently to compare the size of the display screen, which is substantially bigger and wider than the iPhone's.

Judging from the improvement that Motorola has done in this prototype mid-range device's design and UI, it very much looks to have been influenced by Google and that the Motorola X is really something to look forward to.

Today, an accident took place at one of the Samsung Co. plants situated in Hwaseong, Korea. In the accident 1 person died and 4 got injured. The accident took place after a tank at the plant got leaked and hydrofluoric gas began to spread all over the plant's premises. Samsung soon contacted the STI service, but, the workers who came for the tank's maintenance weren't wearing the stuff required to eliminate chances of injury.

According to the report, the worker passed was only wore the gas mask and nothing else. Local authorities into the matter and they believe that the Samsung's official didn't informed STI properly regarding the leak which turned this into an accident. Furthermore, according to the sources, Samsung tried to cover this accident by not informing the officials after an hour the worker died. Now, Samsung has also broken out a statement to the people living nearby that the container is fixed and there is no health danger.



We know that before a retailer make a new case, it has to be very sure how the phone will look, otherwise, it will lose a lot of money.  Well, a british mobile accessory retailer (mobilefun.co.uk) claims that its Chinese suppliers have leaked cases to them on Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S IV. 

Well, we can see that the phone does look to sport a 4.99 or 5-inch display, likely at Full HD resolution. The overall shape of the phone looks much more angular than the previous generation.  In Addition, we can see that the phone will include a mid-mounted rear camera, with LED flash and rear speaker mounted on either side of the fairly large camera. We've got a headphone jack on the upper right with volume buttons on the left hand side, a lock button on the right and micro USB on the bottom.

What do you think of these Samsung Galaxy S4 accessories? Let us know on the comments below.


Source: MobileFun.co.uk



One of the most popular mid-range smart phones is the Galaxy Ace 2. A recent leak from SamMobile shows that it will be given a well-deserved upgrade to 4.1.2 Android Jelly Bean, which many will find useful and timely. This will definitely up the ante on mid-range phones against more expensive ones such as the Note 2, S3 and the S4.

Some of the first Galaxy Ace 2 units will be shipped first to Ukraine, according to the leak. The site also features what looks like the ROM build and you will find this on their firmware section. You might even be able to flash it to see if it greatly improves the Galaxy Ace and to experience additions such as Google Now. A new interface might also be thrown in (Nature UX). Be careful when flashing though and follow instructions carefully and don't forget to back up.


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Some leaked images from Chinese sources on Weibo and provide a few more snapshots of the 41-megapixel camera phone to complement the Nokia EOS PureView pictures leaked online last week and the camera video that also appeared.

The smartphone is rumoured to pack a 41-megapixel Carl Zweiss image sensor in the rear with Xenon flash, potentially with optical image stabilisation and variable aperture. From the images we've seen so far, the camera should bulge out from the rear of the smartphone, slightly distorting its otherwise straight back.

Although the actual screen size is unknown, it should offer 1290 x 768p resolutions and 32GB of internal storage. 

Engadget has promised a few more photos in the coming days, and hopefully they'll unravel more mystery before Nokia lets the cat out of the bag next month.



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