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In a bid to attract hip customers who love purple and Samsung, Sprint might just release a purple Galaxy S III next month. A leaked document hints at a new color for the S III and although the S IV is already out, the S III is not so far behind on specifications and still packs the punch. Also, the fantastic price drop on Sprint plan and even on prepaid, will more likely increase the subscription and sales for this awesome device.

A rendering of a purple Samsung can be seen over the net and no official photos of the actual one yet. Also, there are no news about pricing and if there are any other special modifications that will come with the new S III skin. Who knows? Samsung loves to surprise its patrons and rivals at the last possible moment.

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The Samsung Galaxy S 4 will likely be launched on April 26th if documents leaked from Staples, second largest online retailer, proves to be correct and legit. Screen shots of store training sheet have hinted on the "arrival" of the S 4 and according to the document, they will start selling the device on AT&T starting April 26th. Galaxy S 4 on other carriers will start selling on May.

The retailer further lists that reservation for the device will start on April 16th and people are expected to sign up for the tentative release date. Also, the document shows that the reservation "is not a guarantee" that the device will arrive on the exact date, but a guarantee that a person will have his device once the stocks do arrive. Let's hope that the Staples document is legit and that the Galaxy S 4 will CERTAINLY arrive on the 26th. That's less than two weeks to go!

Source: Engadget

According to information procured from the OLED Association, Samsung will possibly debut the flexible plastic display on the IFA in Berlin and the Galaxy Note III could be the first device to sport this breakthrough component.

The report from OLEDA also claims that the Note 3's display will be significantly lighter, thinner and more flexible than the one used on the Note 2. It could be the main point of discussion for Samsung on the said event, but this remains to be seen.

Furthermore, the Galaxy Note 3's screen is reportedly comparable to the Youm display screens that were introduced in the CES a few months back. There is no further information whether or not Samsung will release a curved display, though, despite the rumors.

A thinner plastic-based screen will surely make room for a better battery, to compliment the Note 3's processing ability. Also, with a screen size reportedly half an inch bigger than its predecessors, the Note 3 could very well topple the Galaxy S 4's popularity.

Source: oled-a.org



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