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Nokia has proved its resilience by being voted one of the most respected brands in India. As much as it has not been able to receive such accolades worldwide, this is an important milestone considering the turbulence it has experienced in recent years.

In India, users seem to adore its latest devices if a new report indicating that it has surpassed its competitors including Sony and Samsung is anything to go by. Retaining a strong position in emerging markets is good to the company right now.

Nokia became profitable again during the last quarter of 2012 after a long period of losses. Now that the holiday season has ended, it remains to be seen if the manufacturer will be able to maintain this performance. This will be ascertained at the end of the first quarter of 2013.

If you are one of those who are using Avast!, chances are that you have already experienced Gmail, PayPal and Google Currents getting the red flag from this mobile security application. Authorities from Avast! want the people to hold their horses; it's just a tech glitch and that they are already looking to fix the problem. It will soon update its list of virus to remove the false detection problem.

In fact, you could have already received the update, since some have already reported at the forum that theirs already got updated. Check your phone for updates and if you haven't gotten hold of the automatic update, you can still do it manually. You can also run an application scan, in case the update does not take effect as soon as you have installed it.

An update is being rolled out to fix the problem. Avast! Support forum moderator Filip Havlicek writes:

it seems that this false positive detection somehow got through our systems to everyone. I'm sorry for that. Don't worry though, there should be a virus definitions update soon that will remove this detection. I'm going to reroute all topics to this one and lock them so everyone knows what's happening. I'll post here when the update is out so everyone can do a manual update of their definitions to fix this (or you can, of course, wait for the automatic update to happen, but manual will most probably be faster in this case).

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