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As if we needed any more drama in this situation, Bloomberg has someone "familiar with the matter" that claims Apple's own antenna expert, Ruben Caballero, told Apple management that the iPhone 4 antenna design could cause reception problems, dropped calls, and a serious engineering challenge. Caballero is a senior engineer for Apple with a large quantity of antenna patents under his belt, and while we certainly don't know the whole story -- perhaps his claims were somehow quelled by Apple's own testing -- it certainly adds a twist to this story if Steve Jobs and co. had been alerted to this very real problem during the design phase. The Bloomberg article also claims, from a different source, no less, that a carrier partner also raised antenna concerns before the release. Apple and Caballero naturally did not comment on this report. We're not really sure about the real-world implications of all this behind-the-scenes drama, but we suppose we'll see what Apple has to say for itself tomorrow.




While not technically a CEO, Microsoft chief operating officer Kevin Turner is not immune to a certain amount of executive level foot-in-mouth. Speaking at Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference in DC and chatting up his company's upcoming slate of Windows Phones, he couldn't help a little iPhone bashing: "It looks like the iPhone 4 might be their Vista, and I'm okay with that." Should we point out to Kevin that attempting to criticize your competition by comparing it to your own flagship products is usually counterproductive, or leave him to figure it out on his own during some early morning magnificent moustache contemplation session? Apple may be got manything wrong on iPhone 4 Buy its still an iPhone!


So Whats you think ??




They prompted some public outcry from competitors and a preliminary antitrust investigation from the US government, but it looks like Apple isn\'t even enforcing those new rules on outside ad networks -- at least not yet. That\'s according to none other than AdMob CEO Omar Hamoui himself, who said at theMobileBeat conference this week that \"they haven\'t been enforcing\" the new regulations yet, and that he\'s \"very appreciative of that.\" If enforced, those regulations would prevent companies like AdMob from collecting some analytic data on ads placed in iOS applications -- data that Apple itself could collect with its iAd platform. Of course, it\'s not clear when or if Apple will start enforcing the rules, but Hamoui seems to be content with the current situation, and even went out of his way to praise Apple\'s own advertising efforts, saying that \"anybody getting advertisers interested in mobile is a good thing. It\'s not at all a zero-sum game.\"

Modu phone is now Available in UK for 130 pounds



Do you remember the modular phone announced back at the MWC 2009? It's been selling in some markets for a couple of months now, but now it lands officially in UK with several of its jackets.

Modu phone is one of the smallest handset out there with 1.3-inch OLED screen and only 7.8 mm. of thickness. It comes with a small keypad, 2GB non-expandable memory and Bluetooth.



Modu relies on the expandable and exchangeable jackets which can turn it into a photo frame, sport accessory, pedometer or just a fashion bar phone.



Modu will be sold exclusively by PurelyGadgets and costs 130 pounds (155 euro). Most of the jackets are priced on 30 or 40 pounds, while the photo frame goes for 80 pounds and the sport jacket is 50.

It was about time. Apple got quite a hit by the wave of user discontent about the iPhone 4 antenna issues. It's been 3 weeks since the premiere of iPhone 4, but it is tomorrow that Apple will confess. Or not.

And this is all we know so far. Apple sent invitations to select press representatives for tomorrow's press conference. It will start 10:00 AM Pacific Time (6 PM European GMT) and will surly concern iPhone 4. Whether Apple will admit the issues, offer free bumper cases or start a recall campaign - nobody knows. But this sounds surely as the first step into the right direction.

Meanwhile iOS 4.1 beta is already available to developers and here is a glimpse of what we should expect.

The reception bars now make use of both a new formula and a new size. The first reports show that a full-bars situation is now a rare event. The bars are also a bit taller than before, which sounds like a clever mind trick.





The Game Center has been redesigned too. It's now painted in green with yellow buttons.

Finally, there are some rumors of watermarking of jailbroken devices. If your iPhone 4 has joined the pirateland, it will have some watermark showing onscreen all the time. Don't worry just yet though, there's still no public jailbreak solution and it's all just a rumor for now.

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