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The Dutch manufacturer of extremely expensive mobile phones BELLPERRE announced its latest phone today. Giving unprecedented customization options the BELLPERRE phone (the company obviously found it too hard to come up with a proper name for it) also packs a few nice features.

The highlights of the specs sheet include a 5 megapixel camera with LED flash, quad-band GSM and tri-band HSDPA connectivity, GPS and Bluetooth. The display measures 2.2 inches and sports QVGA resolution. There is also FM radio and an accelerometer sensor on board.



BELLEPERRE offer 125 genuine leather options for the back panel of their handset. From "modest classic leathers" like black buffalo or brown lizard to vibrant colors and textures like pink crocodile or red shark - it's all there. There is also 14 different colors for the ostrich leather, known for its durability and fine texture, but we doubt many people will go for it.



But of course those luxury phones are all about the exquisite materials. In this particular case we have a solid metal frame and steel buttons and owners might pick the finish themselves, choices being brushed steel, polished silver, 18K rose gold and 24K yellow gold.

BELLERPERRE didn't reveal the target availability or the pricing of their handset, but interestingly enough called it affordable. Yet we somehow can't see ourselves affording it without having to sell our cars.

iPhone 4G


The iPhone 4G seems to attract problems. First, the phone was leaked long before Apple wanted it to be. Then, the iPhone 4G problems came in pre-ordering and delivery. Next, white iPhone 4G problems abounded. Now, the final straw, iPhone 4G reception is proving problematic.

iPhone 4G problems: Reception

Though the design of the iPhone 4G is geared toward actually improving the reception of the phone, many users have been discovering a quirk. The steel-band antenna around the iPhone 4G quickly kills all reception if a user touches the bottom-left corner of the phone. Apple’s solution to this problem is simply “just don’t hold the phone that way.” You could also spend money above and beyond the phone, iPhone apps, your data plan and your voice plan to get a case. Either way, the iPhone 4G reception problems appear to be an Apple-admitted design flaw. Perhaps duct tape would fix it?

iPhone 4G problems: Colors

Sure, there isn’t any difference in the technology behind the iPhone 4G black and iPhone 4G white, but there are “manufacturing issues.” The promised iPhone 4G white will not be available for at least a few more weeks, if not months.

iPhone 4G problems: Ordering and delivery

Though the problems with the iPhone 4G ordering and delivery are slowly working themselves out, it has been a long time coming. The promised delivery date for the iPhone 4G was changed several times. First, the online AT&T store crashed. Then, the Apple store shut down orders. Next, the delivery date was pushed back. Even still, some customers were told they had successfully pre-ordered a phone when they hadn’t, and visa versa. Finally, FedEx appeared to have iPhone 4G problems of its own — with delivery happening only sometimes.

iPhone 4G problems to come?

The iPhone 4G problems stem, partially, from the extreme demand for the device. However, there are structural problems that the iPhone 4G has which simply are not being fixed. IPhone 4G reception being killed by how most people hold the phone is a design “feature” that has existed since the last incarnation. Not having reception may be a good thing though — because AT&T’s new data plans are structured in a way that you will be able to download maybe 2 TV episodes before you go over data allowances for the month.

Are you having iPhone 4G problems? How have you fixed them?

The Bluetooth SIG has just announced that it has officially adopted the Bluetooth Core Specification Version 4.0. Low energy consumption is just one of the major improvements of v4.0 over the v3.0.

Having made that step, the Bluetooth SIG (short for Bluetooth Special Interest Group) is now ready to start qualifying all sorts of Bluetooth products to the version 4.0 specification and first devices with Bluetooth 4.0 support are expected to show up before this year ends.



The upcoming Bluetooth version will be optimized for low power battery operation which will help the technology to conquer new markets such as health care, fitness and sports where devices require low power and low cost wireless connectivity.

Lower power consumption will also allow the technology to be used in way smaller products than before such as tiny coin-cell battery powered devices and sensors. According to the Bluetooth SIG, thanks to the decreased demand for power, products will be able to run for years on standard coin-cell batteries.

The other improvements brought to Bluetooth by v4.0 include low cost, multi-vendor interoperability and enhanced range.

The mobile version of the popular YouTube website just got faster and touch-friendlier. It also got the HTML5 treatment all iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users have been waiting for so long. What this means is YouTube videos will be of highest-quality possible.

So, pages will now load faster, controls will be more thumbable and there will be some features known from the website (such as query suggestions, the ability to create playlists and to designate "favorite", "like" and "unlike" videos from the device itself).

The YouTube team also promises to bring any improvements made on the desktop version of the site to its mobile version much faster in the future. A lot faster than those updates come to the iPhone- and Android-compatible native YouTube apps.

And here is a short video demonstrating the latest YouTube Mobile website version. Enjoy!



The Android version of the world's most popular mobile browser, Opera Mini has just received an update. So far Droid owners only had access to the beta version of Opera Mini 5, but now they are getting an updated feature pack and the chance to enjoy a final version at the same time.

The optimized Opera Mini engine allows cutting on mobile traffic usage by as much as 90 percent, which should improve speed and decrease data charges at the same time. The latest 5.1 version is also designed to consume less system resources, being more suitable to low-end and mid-range handsets, wherehardware constraints are stronger.

Finally the Opera Mini 5.1 now gives the Android users the option to select it as the default browser. The Norwegian company hopes to match its success with the iPhone, who got its first official version not long ago. In the 24 hours following its release to the App Store, Opera mini registered over 1 million downloads topping the charts in every single country, where the Apple application store is available.

Android users, you can now head for the Android market and give the new version a try or follow this linkfrom your smartphone and get Opera Mini 5.1 directly from the developers webpage.

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