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Another member of the Nokia Cseries of no-nonsense phones just leaked. And the photos were published by no other but Nokia itself. Apparently the guys supporting the Dutch website of the company were a bit too eager to publish the details about the handset and forgot that it's still unannounced.

Carrying one of those confusing names that have become Nokia trademark as of late, the C6-01 is a slight upgraded version of the rather popular C6. The new handset brings an 8MP autofocus camera and dual-LED flash, compared to a 5 megapixel snapper with a single LED on the first C6.


The back panel has also been redesigned, but that's about all the changes that Nokia C6-01 brings. Even the user interface of the C6-01 is Symbian^1, rather than the upcoming Symbian^3.

The Nokia C6-01 will be available in black and white versions and will cost about 280 euro.







If you needed another reason to look beyond Maemo 5 to its successor, Maemo 6, set to be released in around twelve months time, then how about multitouch and gesture-based input?  Nokia have confirmed that Qt 4.6 will be optimized for Maemo 6 but also see a port to the upcoming Symbian 4, as well as bringing with it improvements to the WebKit browser and a reduction in the need for widgets



The Nokia N900 runs on the latest Maemo 5 operating system but we’re all aware that Maemo 6 is already in development. Now, a rumour has started to circulate that we may well get the first such device in the second half of the year. Join us after the jump to find out more about Nokia Maemo 6 devices in 2010 H2…

Got your Nokia N900 and happy with it? Of course you are but anyone with a love for the latest and greatest will no doubt already be keeping an eye on the developments of Maemo 6. So, when an article popped up this morning suggesting such a device would be here this year we were all ears. The big thing with Maemo 6 is that it will bring with it a whole host of new features, including multi-touch support, so we may well get the first capacitive Nokia Mameo device too.



Maemo5 on N900



Among the Nokia N8 neater tricks is its support for USB On-The-Go, which basically lets you connect USB peripherals (flash drives, for example) to the phone and have it act as a host — a duty usually reserved for heavier-duty devices like PCs. Though the N8 is still a solid month or three away from release, we’re getting a nice little video demo on YouTube today of an N8 being walked through the paces of connecting both a plain-vanilla USB drive and another Symbian-based Nokia candybar (brownie points for naming the model in comments, by the way). Basically, you can treat the connected hardware as mass storage and browse it just as you would the N8′s internal space, which basically means you’ve got unlimited music capacity as long as you’ve got a pocket full of USB sticks and a micro USB-to-USB adapter cord.




The display is crisp. It is an OLED running at a 640 x 360-pixel resolution, and measures 3.5 inches diagonally. It’s a capacitive touchscreen, and I found it responsive, if a little inaccurate at the edges. Nokia told me that this isn’t the final version, so it’s possible that might improve before launch. he most immediate improvement is performance. Menus open smoothly and without delay. Nokia has dispensed with the too-slow transitions; transitions are there, but are actually so subtle you don’t notice them. And the N8 doesn’t break sweat when the phone is flipped through 90 degrees, even when this entails some reordering of the screen elements from portrait to landscape.”






It requires a Windows PC. But PlayOn for iPhone actually works, slinging Netflix, Hulu, CBS and more to your waiting Apple device over WiFi and (occasionally) 3G. Using the same PlayOn desktop client that presently redirects video-on-demand to your game console or a mediastreamer attached to your TV, subscribers can download an app on July 15th that transcodes content for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad as well, and is today the only way to get Netflix on your phone. 



We spent some quality couch time with the program over the last couple of days, and with a powerful PC, fast internet and WiFi connection, we found video quite watchable on our iPhone 4, and there\'s no knocking PlayOn\'s breadth of content available, with loads of TV, a good deal of anime and your entire Netflix streaming queue available on the phone. The interface is barely there, though, just a series of poorly-spaced nesting menus, and it can take quite a few touchscreen presses and a bit of thought to find what you want to watch. There are a few bugs too, like one that kept shooting us back to the main menu randomly upon a button press, and another that locked us into a particular piece of content until both app 
and desktop server were restarted.



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