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WhatsApp for N900


Nokia N900 users with the linux-based Maemo 5 OS was hoping for an instant messaging App like WhatsApp to be available for their beloved open-source Platform for the N900 and the N9, but WhatsApp ignored their requests.



Today, Group of Maemo Developers at the Maemo forums posted an unofficial Alpha version of WhatsApp for N900, its still a work in progress using WhatsApp open API. If you want it on your Maemo device, Grap it from Download Link Below!

Here the change-log of the latest version so far:

  • Limited group chats (NOT TESTED YET)
  • Auto scroll down
  • Bugfixes




Download WhatsApp for N900

Oracle JRE 1.6.0u30 required to be installed first


N900 Windows phone


Is this the first Nokia Windows Phone handset naming confirmed? Apparently, there was this developer that was using Remote Device Access to mess with a Nokia N9 and when he entered Bluetooth connections he saw "Nokia 900 Windows Phone" in the list of nearby devices.


FYI, the video that you are about to see is not that hard to fake it. but its still a Questionable about Nokia Upcoming plans.


Video Below!


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FireFox 5 Beta for Maemo

This release is available for the Maemo OS2008 and Maemo 5 software platforms running on the Nokia N810 and N900 Internet Tablets The idea behind releasing the package for PCs is to give people who do not have a Nokia Internet Tablet the ability to localize, experiment and build add-ons.


What's in this version?

New for Beta 5:

  • Enabled official branding, with Firefox name and logo
  • Support for localizations, currently including Spanish, German, French, Italian, Dutch, and Russian
  • Enabled plugins
  • Viewport meta tag support
  • Fixed a number of sites that resize their content after the page is loaded
  • Added a form assistant to make filling forms easier
  • Improved panning performance and behavior
  • Zooming does not jump around anymore
  • Numerous other bugs and polish issues addressed


This builds upon the feature set of the previous releases:

Easy navigation to Web content:

  • Smart URL bar
  • Integrated Web search - built into the URL bar
  • Easy access to multiple search engines

Interface Optimization:

  • Touch-oriented UI
  • Maximize content by auto-hiding controls and URL bar
  • Zoom in and out
  • Touch-enabled bookmarking, controls, tabs
  • Tabbed browsing allows view of multiple thumbnails
  • Ability to scroll iframes


  • Instant Web site ID
  • Password manager
  • Popup blocker
  • Clear recent history
  • Customized security settings
  • Automated Update


  • Add-ons, including ability to find and install add-ons directly to device
  • Location-Aware browsing
  • Install and manage search engines


  • Offline browsing
  • Download manager
  • Preferences pane
  • Spell checker


  • Memory management

Devices services integration:

  • Click on a phone number to initiate a call
  • JavaScript API to get device location



Download Here (Maemo/N900)

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If you are liking what Firefox 4 for mobile already offers in its previous beta builds, then you will certainly want to check out its release candidate that went live on Monday just less than six months after the browser when beta. According to Mozilla, this new build provides a better overall user experience with faster scrolling and improved Firefox Sync, along with other goodies like Awesome Screen smart shortcuts, tabbed browsing, Firefox Add-ons, and Persona themes. Sounds a lot like its desktop sibling (which has a 4.9 million downloads already).


Check the Video Below! for a Quick Preview on the New Features of the 4.0 RC.


Download For Maemo N900


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Nokia N900

The Nokia N900 was a very impressive device runs on Maemo and MeeGo OS but you have to choose which one you want to stick with. the last update for the N900 was the PR 1.3 with many improvements.

Well, The N900 PR 1.4 Update is on its way to the users on Q2,2011 Not very Far! Some Rumors confirm that this Update may Have the Dual-boot for Both Maemo 5 and the MeeGo 1.2 which will be Released on early April,2011, and with that you can easily dual boot between Maemo and Meego on your N900. There is also a possibility of developing applications supporting both operating systems, based on Qt and Qt Mobility APIs on the Maemo side... Nokia previous statement regarding the Dual-boot topic :

"The Nokia N900 is used as development hardware for platform developers working with MeeGo on ARM hardware architecture. While the software from the MeeGo project runs on the Nokia N900 for development purposes, Nokia does not intend to provide a dual-boot OS option to consumers in upcoming N900 commercial software releases as we want to ensure that we provide the best possible experience designed for that device. The ( blog post was primarily targeted to the audience reading the blogMeeGo developers."


However, The PR 1.4 Update (with or without the Dual-boot) will have many improvements but this info is still not-confirmed yet:

  •  Maemo security improvements
  •  Faster navigation between desktops
  •  Performance improvements makes your device run more smoothly
  •  Browser performance improvements
  •  Support for New ovi suite
  •  A-GPS Update

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