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Nokia PUSH N900 MENA (Middle-East & North Africa) has just launched their Own Facebook Fan page yesterday (16/1/2010) with Great insight and Have Some NEWS about an Arabic version of Maemo5 and an Update to the English Version (v1.2009.44.1) Also it will have a Download Center that is related to the Official Maemo Site (Maemo.org) to Direct Download For All NEW Application and Updated Daily Which Gives All Nokia N900 Fans & developers from All over the World a Chance to be Always up-to-date with All Everything New with the N900 and Maemo5 OS.

PUSH N900 Logo

The Page is Still New and other sections is still Under construction But If you have a Facebook Account (I think you do!) and interesting of Nokia N900 I suggest to Check the Page Daily to be up-to-date and Also this Page is available in Both languages English & Arabic too.


Visit the Page

Maemo 6 = MeeGo 1.1 (Review + Video on on Aava phone)




A proper MeeGo device is still nowhere in sight, but the Aava phone is the next best thing it's a developer platform, meaning intended mostly for MeeGo developers rather than customers, but it gives us a look at how the MeeGo OS and MeeGo powered devices might look.

main Moorestown based Aava developer platfrom phone shows off MeeGo 1.1


There’s a lengthy video review along with an extensive photo shoot of the Aava phone running MeeGo 1.1. A lot of the things aren’t working yet, but there’s still quite some time before the market launch.



Like I said, this Aava phone is not meant for consumers and it shows many things (volume keys included) still aren’t working. The software needs plenty of work too but the things that work look rather impressive.





While we’re still waiting for Nokia to announce its first MeeGo-powered device, the Moorestown-based Aava Mobile smartphone has already started cropping up around the globe. It has just been caught in the wild and a video is about to show up within the next couple of days.

main MeeGo running Moorestown based Aava prototype caught in the wild

The MeeGo is still in the works and since Nokia N900 won’t be getting it (at least not officially, though) when the new platform is ready to hit the market we’re still yet to meet the first Nokia phone packing the MeeGo.

And while Nokia is taking a nap, the competition isn’t sleeping: the first Aava prototypes (based on the Moorestown platform) have just begun surfacing. Like this one (pictured above).






Check the Video Below!

WhatsApp for N900


Nokia N900 users with the linux-based Maemo 5 OS was hoping for an instant messaging App like WhatsApp to be available for their beloved open-source Platform for the N900 and the N9, but WhatsApp ignored their requests.



Today, Group of Maemo Developers at the Maemo forums posted an unofficial Alpha version of WhatsApp for N900, its still a work in progress using WhatsApp open API. If you want it on your Maemo device, Grap it from Download Link Below!

Here the change-log of the latest version so far:

  • Limited group chats (NOT TESTED YET)
  • Auto scroll down
  • Bugfixes




Download WhatsApp for N900

Oracle JRE 1.6.0u30 required to be installed first


MeeGo 1.2 Official Logo (Click to View Original Size)


MeeGo OS, the Upcoming Android-Killer from two of the World leading Technology Manufactures Intel and Nokia is rising up Again, As we are waiting for the MeeGo 1.2 Release later this Month for all Core Devices Including the Beloved Nokia N900, Nokia and Intel was preparing for a Conference that is ALL about the MeeGo OS, I just Got the Invitation from Nokia (Invitation Text Below).

Nokia and Intel will Hold a 3 Days Event on 23-25 May at San Francisco Hyatt Regency, Embarcadero Conference Center (Event poster is Below).


MeeGo conference invitation

In this Conference, Nokia and Intel will Discuss the Upcoming MeeGo Platforms Changes and Future Development along with some New Application related Announcement from the Meego Tech showcase, Also an Angry birds Competition and other Exciting Geeky-Activities for the Developers.


Nokia N9xx


Beside all that Nokia will Discuss the Upcoming MeeGo projects and products, I Highly Expecting the NEXT MeeGo OS Device from Nokia for this Year 2011 (as Eslop promised) the Long-waited Nokia N950 (Rumored Before as N9) as Everybody is tired from the Rumors! So Lets Wait and See what Nokia and Intel will Shows us off on this Event.


Event Invitation Website



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Official Nokia Invitation




Join Nokia at the MeeGo 2011 Conference

"MeeGo 2011, held 23-25 May in San Francisco, will be more than just a cerebral, geeky expression of code and collaboration. It is also your opportunity to talk to individuals and companies about building amazing MeeGo products, applications and projects. Choose from an array of networking opportunities: mingle at the Exploratorium party, stretch your legs during a fun run, get chummy by hanging out at the MeeGo Tech Showcase lounge, or enjoy a real-world plush Angry Birds competition at the MeeGo warm-up session weekend.


Space is limited register now! Last year the MeeGo community was shown in full force as attendance crested 1,200 delegates at the inaugural MeeGo project event. Recently we closed our Call for Papers, reaching 191 submissions and an unprecedented showing of MeeGo support in North America. Attendees have an opportunity to create new relationships and cement existing ones amongst fellow developers as we approach a more evolved MeeGo project, and the first North American project event. Don't lose your spot at this global community event!"



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