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Google has updated its Map App on Android to support vector-based graphics for faster loading and better 3D views, and also Google is opening up that goodness to 3rd-party developers with a new update to the Google Maps Android API.

As it plans to expand its Maps Application, Today, Google announced the new version 2 of the Google Maps Android API.


Google Maps

In addition to letting developers easily add vector-based maps to their apps, the updated API also added the ability to add more layers in their apps including satellite, hybrid, terrain, traffic and indoor maps. So starting now, Google Maps in 3rd-party apps should be much more dynamic.


Source (Google)



Today, I've got an email from Google that was very important that I felt I need to share it and spread the word, Google always stands against the internet censorship and today Google needs your voice and my voice to stops ITU from taking control over the Internet.


google 2012

The Google movement called #FreeandOpen, A free and open world depends on a free and open Internet. Governments alone, working behind closed doors, should not direct its future. The billions of people around the globe who use the Internet should have a voice.





Joseph, you asked us to keep you updated on Internet legislation and initiatives.

Starting December 3, the world's governments will meet behind closed doors to discuss the future of the internet. Some governments want to use this meeting to increase censorship and regulate the Internet.

Learn more about what's at stake at the International Telecommunication Union (ITU):

A free and open world depends on a free and open Internet. And a free and open Internet depends on you.

Vint Cerf




Make Your Voice Heard


In the updates, Google has recently Enabled GPU-accelerated video decoding for Google Chrome on Windows. Dedicated graphics chips draw far less power than a computer's CPU, so using GPU-accelerated video decoding while watching videos can increase battery life significantly.

After testing, it was proved that the battery lasted 25% longer when GPU-accelerated video decoding was enabled.



So, If you are using Chrome on windows you will experience longer battery life so your laptop don't get cut off while watching their favorite YouTube video on repeat.


Google wallet card



In essence, any card or digital payment source you enter into Google Wallet could be used when you pay with this physical card, the Google Wallet Card. This means that Google Wallet would suddenly be usable in any store that accepts credit cards which in the U.S. is nearly all of them.


Google Wallet card

It also means that the Google Wallet app wouldn't have to be tied to phones that have NFC; while you couldn't tap to pay without NFC, as long as you can manage your accounts from the app you would be good to go. Even for those with NFC-packing handsets the physical card could be a handy backup in case your phone's battery died, or in case your device was lost or stolen. Likewise if the card was lost or stolen it could be shut down right from your phone (or a computer) without having to contact a major credit card company.


The shift beyond NFC to a physical card would also deprive Verizon from its excuse to keep Wallet off of its phones due to NFC-based security concerns. Moving beyond Verizon Android users, it would mean that Google Wallet apps could be released for iOS and Windows Phone 8 as it wouldn't be tied to needing NFC to work. And while international availability isn't known at this point, it would seem like this sort of system could be rolled out essentially anywhere that an app like Paypal is legal.



Google event

Now that Google has announced everything, the New Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, LG first Nexus 4, updated Nexus 7 and the Samsung-made Nexus 10, even if all these announced was online due to the Hurricane Sandy Google canceled the event.

Many of us was hoping that Google set another date for the event to show us their demos, Sadly, the company has decided not to reschedule the event and to move on from here.



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