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Eric Schmidt


Google has held a pretty consistent and reasonable position on patents pointing out the obvious flaws the current system has.

Google Chairman, Eric Schmidt, will also meet with Samsung executives. He said that "Samsung is one of our most important customers and there is much to discuss". The Korean company is Android's biggest vendor and when it comes to patent, it has been the one to suffer most from the current system, as Apple might seek more than $1 billion in damages over patent infringement from Samsung.



'Literally patent wars prevent choice, prevent innovation and I think that is very bad,' Schmidt said. 'We are obviously working through that and trying to make sure we stay on the right side of these issues. So ultimately Google stands for innovation as opposed to patent wars.'
'I think one of the worst things that happened in the last few years has been the belief that somehow there are so many patents in the mobile phone world, an estimated 200,000 patent that are overlapping and complicated and so forth, that one vendor can stop the sale of another vendor's phones or devices,' he also stressed.





Google Maps


Google has updated their maps platform to include higher-detailed satellite imagery, as well as a new 45° view mode. It has covered 51 cities initially, including the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy, and the State Capitol building in Austin, Texas.



While 45° view is not a novelty for online maps, it seems that Google is trying to get in a few punches against the competition, in light of Apple's recent maps debacle.


Source (Google)


Chrome v22

The new Google Chrome Browser Version 23.0.1271.95. This build contains a number of new features, bug fixes and security improvements and a pointer Lock JavaScript API that will allow more accurate gaming while using a computer mouse.



chrome 23


Chrome v23 Change-log:


- Updated default apps
- Window Manager Enhancements
- UI improvements for notifications through the new message area
- UI improvements to the out of box experience
- UI improvements to the sign-in screen
- Device reset from start screen and settings (click here for more details)
- Enable key apps offline by default
- Cloud-based wallpaper management



Play Books


Google has released an updated version of the Google Play Books application for Android. The Application Now has a built-in dictionary now, so you can quickly look up a word.

The Updates also include Place info cards, translation, sepia mode and New sliding page-turn animation and some bug fixes too.



Download Play Books


Google Play Books [Download]


Apple iOS 6


Apple in the recent upgrade for its Mobile Operating system iOS 6, replaced the Google Maps App with its very own Apple Maps App. However, Due to the the incomplete coverage and numerous inaccuracies made most users miss the iOS 5 days, when they could actually go places.

Latest reports saying that Google is already done with the development of an iOS-6 compatible Google Maps Native App and its ready to push on the iTunes App store for all iOS 6 users.


iOS 6

Earlier rumors that it has already been submitted to Apple for approval were refuted, but that should happen soon enough. We have to wait and see if Apple will approves the app and allows it to make it into the App Store, or Not.




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