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N9 PR1.2

Nokia N9 PR 1.2 Update has been leaked, finally, Nokia N9 users can make use of the front facing camera as video calls are coming with this update The camera improvements in the last screenshot leak is confirmed as well as many more stuff.

Check out those folders. It has been a Nokia thing having folders. I know the implementation would now resemble iPhone by showing the little mini icons.

Nokia Support

We have also got some in browser copy/paste goodness. It is a little more windows phone 7 like with those brackets. This time it works in browser too.

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Nokia N9

Nokia just announced that the beta 2 version of its Nokia Link software is now available for download. The app that lets you sync the multimedia files on your Nokia N9 with your computer is now compatible with Windows Vista and Windows XP in addition to the previously supported Windows 7, Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard and Mac OS X 10.7 Lion.

You are also now able to copy mobile content to and from smart playlists in iTunes and Windows Media Player. Plus, the Nokia software developers claim to have streamlined the process of deleting files from the smartphone.

Download (Sign-in Required)

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Nokia N9


In case you were a Nokia N900 owner who upgraded to N9, we have some good news for you. A simple software tweak will enable your Nokia N9 homescreens to go into landscape mode.

The modification is unofficial and takes no time to setup. It enables you to view all three homescreens in landscape mode, as well well as switch them with a swiping gesture.

Video Demo Below!




The location-based social networking app, Nokia Pulse, is inviting the Nokia N9 to the party. The app debuted with Windows Phone and Symbian versions along with an in-browser version, but now you can try out the beta version of the native app for Nokia sole MeeGo-powered phone.

Nokia Pulse lets you check into places and discuss those places with your friends. It is hardly the first app to do that, but Pulse integrates with Nokia Maps.

Video Demo Below!


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Nokia N9


Nokia has just announced that they have made the beta version of their Live View app available to their MeeGo smartphone, Nokia N9. The augmented reality app was so far only available for Symbian devices, but it obviously gathered enough interest to warrant its porting to Qt.


Live view

As you know Qt apps are compatible with both MeeGo and Symbian and allow easy porting of apps between the platforms. One cannot help but wonder, though, why did not the Nokia software engineers write the app for Qt from the beginning.


Demo Below!


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