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Galaxy S Froyo




As you probably know last Month that Samsung pulled-out the froyo Update files of the Samsung Galaxy S from its servers due to Many System Bugs that Made the Android froyo unstable and laggy. And Samsung UK confirmed on its twitter Status that the Froyo Update is Coming on November on its Final Version and to All Network operators and No More Delays...No More pulling-out!!



SamsungUK on Twitter




We Got Some Information that the Release Date of the Galaxy S Froyo update for USA Carriers and UK Carriers is somewhere around 11th November,2010 as a FINAL Release Date. Worldwide release will follow in few days after the Official Release of the Froyo ROM for Samsung Galaxy S, which Means that All Galaxy S users Worldwide (Include Middle-East and Arab gulf users) will get the update on November along with UK,USA Carriers too.

So The Update is Coming Finally and NO More Delays AT ALL... More Stable... More Smoother, its a matter of time right Now. As I always say "Waiting for the froyo to come-out, better than waiting for it to load!".



Updated Phone (German)

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Froyo Update



Samsung Galaxy S users in Middle-East and Arab Gulf has Got the Arabic Froyo Update of Android 2.2, So if you are in Middle-East region Check for updates OTA or by using your Arabic Samsung KIES... you will Automatically receive the Update with Arabic Language Enabled, Check Features and Screenshots Below!


Froyo Arabic ROM


Android 2.2 JPM for the Galaxy S reportedly adds the following:

  • Android 2.2 JIT compiler
  • Adobe Flash Player 10.1 compatibility
  • New Android Market with auto-updating
  • Speed improvements
  • Pinch-to-zoom homescreen flyover
  • Improved default keyboard
  • Quick links to GPS and Auto rotation toggles on notification bar added
  • Slightly different graphics and transitions with app drawer and default icon dock
  • Colored icons in settings
  • GPS Fix
  • Colored settings icons
  • Media Hub
  • Darker menu theme, navy blue color
  • Better Exchange support
  • Video records in MP4 format
  • New Search widget
  • New Gmail application

Screenshot From Arabic ROM

Froyo Arabic ROM

Froyo Arabic ROM


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