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Apple disappointed many iPhone 4 owners with the news that Siri, the digital personal assistant technology, would only be available on the new iPhone 4S, and efforts quickly began to hack Siri onto the older smartphone. Developer Steve Troughton-Smith got the local app running with no problems, but faced Apple servers refusing to play ball with anything but the newest iPhone. Now, with the judicious application of some validation tokens from an iPhone 4S, its possible to get Siri on the iPhone 4 and iPod touch up and running, even without official support from Apple itself.

"It does require files from an iPhone 4S which are not ours to distribute, and it also requires a validation token from the iPhone 4S that has to be pulled live from a jailbroken iPhone 4S, and its about a 20-step process right now" Steve Troughton-Smith, developer



iPhone4 siri



Meanwhile, a second video has already demonstrated Siri running on the iPod touch 4, though in this case there are some hardware limitations. Thats around the iPod microphone, however, which is less sensitive than that of the iPhone 4/4S: Siri demands a strong, clear voice if its going to pick up any commands

Still, You should not expect to see a public release of this particular Siri hack any time soon!


2 Videos Below!


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Old Apple Deivces

A new custom firmware called Whited00r lets you install portions of iOS 5 on older iPhone models.


Some highlights include iOS 5-style reminders, sounds, shadows, wallpapers and folders. It also jailbreaks your phone and provides a carrier unlock, if needed.

Whited00r brings a few modern improvements to the older iOS 3 and iOS 4 platforms to match the latest developments of iOS 5.



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Apple A5X

According to some leaked reports, Apple has seeded a new iPhone to its internal testers. The exterior design has not been revealed just yet. The only thing different is the A5X chipset, the same on the 3rd generation iPad (New iPad).

Predictably, Apple has put the A5X chip in the iPhone 4/4S body and has seeded it to testers in Cupertino. The variation of the A5X chip in question is the S5L8945X, which packs 1GB of RAM. This iPhone prototype model number is N96.

iPod touch 5.1

Also, Its good to mention that the iPod Touch did not get any hardware upgrade last year and it is only logical for Apple to make up for it this year. And if an internal build of iOS 5.1 is to be trusted, Apple is indeed working on the next iPod Touch. Labeled 5,1, the next iPod Touch should finally introduce a dual-core CPU to the portable player.



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