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Instagram is one of the largest and most popular social media platforms, with over one billion monthly active users. The extended reach you have to market your small business or services through the platform is impressive.

The goal of any social media website is to generate likes and followers. Followers get connected to your brand and have a concise and clear way to get updates that you wish to provide. Meanwhile, the ‘likes' enable you to see what type of content you are sharing is successful and how to create a more compelling online presence.

What are the best ways to get real quality Instagram likes and followers? The article examines the different avenues for improving your online reach and marketing successfully to your current followers.

Growing an Audience through Instagram

Instagram has quickly outgrown its original purpose as a mobile photo-sharing network for adolescents. It also offers phenomenal content marketing, networking, and audience building resource for small businesses and other individuals looking to promote a message.

There are more than 500 million people that use Instagram each day. It puts this social media second only behind Facebook in terms of the highest number of daily visits for a social media channel.

Consequently, you are foolish to ignore the free and simple to use marketing tool. It does take some work to create and manage an account, yet there are many ways to grow your audience on Instagram. As a result, you should check to make sure you are following these tips to reach your first 50 real Instagram followers.

Easy Ways to Get More Followers on Instagram

Instagram has grown substantially since it launched ten years ago. It currently has ten times the amount of users compared to 2013. The site shows no signs of slowing down as it's immensely popular with the younger generations.

Furthermore, the social media platform estimates that nearly three in four U.S. businesses have an account. Additionally, 7 in 10 hashtags on the social media site are branded, and an overwhelming amount of companies consider Instagram engagement an incredibly important metric to marketing.

Now that you understand the importance of Insta in terms of marketing, how do you build an audience? You only get ‘likes' with followers, and there are many solutions for attracting new visitors to your account page.

Here are some easy ways to generate more followers:

● Create a content sharing plan to provide your audience with something interesting to check daily, or near daily.
● You should only post high-quality images and videos. Also, experiment with different filters and dimensions to keep content fresh.
● Interact with followers and tag people in photos that interact with your brand to encourage them to come back.
● Optimize your profile with branded hashtags and call to actions (CTAs).
● Cross-post your content on other social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook to build your following on Instagram.
● Run contests, giveaways, and other types of campaigns to invite audience participation and interest.

Get More 'Likes'

Once you build up an audience with followers, it's time to focus on ‘likes'. People that interact with your content can like and comment on your content. It's an excellent way to foster a strong relationship between you and your potential customers.
Visitors spend nearly as much time on Instagram as they do on Facebook, which presents businesses with ample time to market. Instagram users reportedly spend almost an hour of their time each day on the app. The statistic is important because the more time visitors spend on the app, the more advertisements they see, and the more opportunities exist for someone to commit to a brand.

Fortunately, Instagram performs exceptionally well in terms of engagement rates. For example, the average engagement rate on most social networks is less than 0.1%. Meanwhile, users on Instagram are 58 times more likely to engage compared to Facebook.

Hashtagging is one of the most effective ways to increase the number of followers as well as likes. The average post on Instagram contains almost 11 hashtags, yet experts suggest no more than six per post.

However, the amount of hashtags does not matter nearly as much as the wording. For example, #love is used over two million times on the site, but using it in your post will drown it out with millions of other types of content.

Try mixing and matching different types of hashtags like:

● Popular Hashtags
● Local Hashtags
● Tag a Location
● Tag Influencers
● Shoutout Tags (to Customers and Users)

Tag-to-enter and Like-to-enter giveaways are two other methods to grow an audience with the invitation to win something so long as the user does something for you (either likes or follows).


Build Your Instagram into an Empire

Businesses have a tremendous option to use Instagram and other social media platforms as useful marketing tools. Many services are free and extremely affordable to get your brand out to a massive audience.

Building your audience organically through followers and obtaining ‘likes' helps you grow in such a massive and diverse market. Instagram was once primarily for teens, and young millennials yet have developed into something far more powerful and wide-reaching.

There are many ways to partner with influencers or other brands to grow even more after you receive your first wave of followers. Since it is a social media site, it's best to keep your content fresh and posted daily. Interacting with users and getting them involved with participation (i.e., contests) is another essential method to employ.

Learning to use and sharing posts that resonate with an audience takes some trial and error. Thankfully, Instagram has an informative analytics system that can help you gauge what is successful and what is not working from a content perspective. We recommend using the analytics to improve your profile as well as reference Instagram profiles that are successful. It helps you discover what they are doing well.




Marketing comes in many different shapes and sizes. Conventional marketing is the term generally given to advertising through newspapers, radio, even the television. It's still effective but no longer the predominant style of marketing.

Digital marketing involves anything that can be done over the computer. This includes emails, analyzing Wi-Fi, launching campaigns, etc.

These are the main elements of digital marketing campaigns:

  • PPC


Pay Per Click is simply placing keywords through an SEO engine or advertisement company. Your advert will appear every time the keyword is searched on. If a visitor clicks on your advert you'll be charged a set fee, every time.

  • Search Engine Optimization


Getting on the first page of results for specific keywords is important as most users never click to page two. To get to the first page you need to speak with a team who knows SEO Sydney, (or elsewhere depending on where you're situated on the globe). 

Content forms part of the SEO but coding is also important, that's where the expert becomes essential.

  • Content


Creating content is essential as part of a digital marketing strategy. Content meets informative articles. They should reference a keyword, such as mobile marketing, or digital marketing.  The content should also establish links to high-quality sites and internal links. This builds credibility which helps with search results.

  • Website


Your website is a form of digital marketing. It is designed to attract customers to it and encourage them to purchase your product or service.

Designed properly this is a very effective digital marketing method.

  • Social Media


Social media is perhaps the ultimate way to connect with potential customers. A simple social media account can reach millions of people. All you have to do is focus on your niche and be informative.

  • Email


This is a more direct route of contacting previous customers to make them feel valued and help them to stay loyal. Emails can also be sent out at random, encouraging people to visit your site and see what you have to offer.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is a form of digital marketing. It uses most of the above approaches. However, it adopts them differently. Mobile marketing aims to ensure the results that customers see, regardless of which marketing method is used, display well on mobile screens.

As an increasing number of people access the internet from mobile devices this side of marketing is becoming increasingly important.

In essence, it means that all sites and marketing material need to resize automatically to the screen they are being displayed on. This can be difficult and it is recommended that professional help is obtained to achieve the right result. 

Although mobile marketing is an extension of digital marketing, it is a separate entity as the focus is not on creating the marketing material. Instead, the focus is on making sure it looks good to the mobile user.

A successful company will use conventional marketing, digital marketing, and mobile marketing techniques to ensure they maximize their customer base and, therefore, profits.


The BlendJet Portable blender has been around for a while now, and although more than just a few manufacturers have copied their original design since then, it remains one of the best options for a portable blender in the market even today. Stay with us as we go through some of the features and our own experiences with the blender.

Tech Specs: It's a Powerful but Safe Little Kitchen Tool

Back when the portable blender from BlendJet was first launched, it was one of its kind. Admittedly, that advantage does not apply anymore, but this powerful little machine is still one of the most functional, and yet simple portable blenders of its kind. Check out the technical specs and color options below, before we delve deeper into the review. 

  • Dimensions: 3" x 3" x 9"

  • It comes in 14 colors: our favorites are purple, violet, blue, cyan, green, grey, white, black, red and pink

  • A powerful 5V Motor

  • 6-point 304 blades made from stainless steel

  • 2,000mAh battery with USB-port charging (Takes 3 hours to charge from 0% - 100%)

  • Single-button operation

  • BPA free, food grade plastic and metal body

  • There's a strainer lid built inside to keep drinks from becoming too chunky

  • The motor will automatically shut down to prevent accidents and damage to the blender, on sensing overload or misassembled of parts

Simplicity, Portability and Functionality


BlendJet designed the portable blender to help us make quick smoothies, shakes and baby food on the go; all of which the little machine is perfectly capable of getting done in or under the one-and-a-half-minute mark (per cup). The single button, press and release system makes blending stuff pretty much as simple as it can possibly get, but do keep in mind that this is not a big, full-sized kitchen blender and don't treat it as such.

If you put all your ingredients and ice into it at the same time and in the wrong order, don't expect the hand blender to perform in the same way that a large kitchen blender would. Make no mistake, the BlendJet portable blender can most certainly crush ice with ease, thanks to the 5V motor and its 6-point, 304 stainless steel blades. However, things will take significantly longer to get done, if you pile too much of everything into the cup, without following any of the instructions.

On the other hand, when we did follow the instructions stated by them quite clearly on the website and inside the manual, BlendJet's classic, portable blender functioned admirably. We have listed down a few tips for your convenience next. Don't learn it the hard way like we did!

  • On full charge, the blender can be used for blending 10 - 12 cups, so at least charge it for an hour before starting

  • The main trick is to add all liquids and semi-liquids (water, milk, juice, pulpy juice, fresh cream, etc.) necessary for the recipe, into the blender first

  • Another neat little trick is to simply turn the blender upside down after filling and closing the lid

  • This allows the blades to instantly reach their maximum speed due to a lack of friction

  • Now when you put it right side up again, the fully powered blades will blend through, a lot faster

  • If you cut your fruits and veggies into smaller pieces, the blender will work faster through them

  • When possible, blend ice separately and do so with a lot of water

  • To avoid accidental overloads, pay attention and leave some room above before starting the blades

Should You Buy It?

The answer completely depends on your usage, rather than the product itself. The real question is, do you have use for a portable blender? If that's an affirmative then the answer would have to be a confident yes from our side as well!

There are hardly any products out there that can outmatch the original BlendJet Portable Blender, especially considering the price-to-performance ratio. This means that BlendJet is the perfect choice, if you could benefit from a portable and powerful hand blender. Even if you are not a frequent traveler, the silent, small blender is an incredibly useful tool for catering to quick blending needs in any kitchen.


Bitcoin is a virtual currency that uses P2P technology to carry out exchanges of value without the intervention of any bank or central body. Transactions and the issue of new Bitcoins are entirely controlled by the network. Bitcoins are the first cryptocurrency that was invented. Historically, Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency with the highest capitalization and also the highest price per single token.

Bitcoin is now a consolidated reality and although its listing on the market is subject to fluctuations even quite large from time to time, so far this virtual currency has overcome all the obstacles it has faced. Being the most traded currency, it is also quite stable although always subject to sudden changes in value compared to FIAT currencies, or the so-called traditional currencies.

The algorithm on which the BTC blockchain is based is the SHA-256 with Proof-Of-Work. Thanks to this algorithm Bitcoin can be transacted in a completely anonymous and secure way. Bitcoin accounts are in fact maintained by a public ledger and are assigned to an address, not to a person or an entity. Excluding the option to participate in their creation (an activity that has become too expensive.

The transactions involve the transfer of Bitcoin through special software that mask the complexity of the underlying blockchain: the so-called Wallets. Each wallet maintains a private key (or seed) which is used to sign the transaction by providing proof that the BTCs come from the owner of the wallet. The signature also serves to prevent the transaction from being changed by any third party who intercepts it. All transactions can then be made public among blockchain participants who usually confirm them, every 10 minutes, through a process called mining. Wealth matrix is used to earn money from bitcoin.

The mining precisely serves to confirm a transaction and also to create new Bitcoins. Mining also allows a transaction to be confirmed in a neutral way by all the computers that are part of the network, without the possibility that the blocks that make up the transactions are changed. To do this, the blockchain uses a lottery-type mechanism, which makes it very difficult for an individual or a group to control the blocks to be included in the blockchain and therefore makes the Bitcoin network very difficult to hack. It is highly recommended, especially at the beginning, the daily reading of the official forum (bitcointalk) where you can find discussions, information and news on practically every currently existing project. All this just to have a basic smattering, which is the fundamental condition for being able to operate in this world; depending on what you want to do, then, you will have to specialize in a certain sector.

How to invest in Bitcoin?

To invest in Bitcoin there are several options, some simpler and others more complex. First of all, let's start by saying that the main difference lies in the possibility of owning the Bitcoin token, or the BTC, or investing speculating on the price trend.

To own the BTC it is necessary to register on an exchange , there are more or less famous ones among which we mention eTorox , the cryptocurrency exchange of the eToro Group , which obtained the license as a regulated supplier with license number FSC1333B from the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission , i.e. the Gibraltar Financial Market Supervisory Authority.

Alternatively, you can also buy Bitcoin on the platform of the eToro broker, which has become famous in the world thanks to social trading. To join the 10 million traders present, visit the eToro website from

To invest in Bitcoin, however, it is not necessary to own the BTC and manage it through a wallet, but just relies on eToro CFD trading. To trade on this safest bitcoin broker you need to click on the link shown above. On the same platform you can choose whether to buy Bitcoin or invest on the price trend of the Bitcoin quote (BTC / USD).

Bitcoin exists because there is a network of people around the world who allow it to function, these people do it because this allows them to earn money by doing it not only allow the network to function but also certify its security and reliability.


These are the main price predictions for Bitcoin in march 2019Bitcoin price prediction. Since the beginning of april Bitcoin lost around 60% percent of its price in three days, and its market capitalization fell below the $ 100 billion mark, triggering massive sales in the market. The coin then underwent a 10 percent recovery over a 14hour period. He was able to learn about bitcoin .

Last week, Bitcoin drop from to $ 4,800, which occurred on March. The currency regular fluctuate between the $ 4,000 to $ 5,000 levels, reaching a low of $ 2,100 and a high of $ 4,800 in that months.

On april 19, Bitcoin rose to $ 6,000 levels again, closing the day at $ 6,191.19. The next weeks, BTC tried to hit the resistance level of $ 7,000, but did not hit a high of $ 6,855.26. Over the next two days, BTC ranged from the highest values of $ 5,000 to the lowest values of $ 4,000.
The main support level of the set at the $ 5,000 area , and so far, the coin has managed to stay above it in the pastmonths. The BTC USD pair is currently in the mid of a very in long-term downtrend. This period is one of the consolidation as we can see the recovery to $ 5,000 in the past months. Bitcoin Evolution is used to know this currency rates.


Bitcoin is now currently in all the financial news as it severely crashed in this months to the impact of the coronavirus outbreak, which is also affected the financial markets in all over the india.

The most anticipated daily update for the Bitcoin network will occur in april and is also known as Bitcoin having, in which the area reward will be halved. This event is expected to affect the daily price of Bitcoin as well as , but most analysts expect this to be noticeable in the every short term.

Coin price

Coinpredictor expects Bitcoin to decline by 25.6% in may which would put the coin at around $ 6127.63.
Gov capital

Gov capital estimated that Bitcoin would be trading at $ 5,765 ,032 in early may, with a peak price of $ 6,572.6543 and a minimum price of $ 4,654.6663.

Well-established economic theory make a compelling argument to support a significant price in the future.

The cryptocurrency industry is growing fastly and changing rapidly. Money, resources are coming into space in a way not seen since the early days of Internet development. That doesn't necessarily mean that it will succeed, of course, and there are still a lot of problems to be solveinig.

Where will the bitcoin price go

find an answer to anyother person and there has never been a shortage of experts who gives answer But are the bitcoin price predictions made by industry are really good or not.

A while back we reviewed some myths about bitcoin from 2013 made in 2015, and found that pretty much everyone was overly optimistic and all thing are right about the price of bitcoin (BTC). Now that we are in 2019, we have tried something difference , looking back at media articles on the bitcoin price predictions for the end of 2013 or 2015.

We show the similar results. Almost everyone was wrong, and most people were overly dramatics . The graph below shows the results, including a calculation of the predicted percentage of the price contrasted with the actual price of bitcoin (based on the price at the time of this publication, which was USD 7,050).

We have organized the predictions using a "degree of error" score, which means that predictions wrong less than twice are scored as "slightly wrong", predictions wrong in a range 2-3 times are "moderately wrong" . While wrong predictions in the range 3 to 10 times are "very wrong" and wrong predictions more than 10 times, or price predictions at $ 0 are considered "extremely wrong."

This is a question that many investors want to find an answer to, and there has never been a shortage of experts or personalities to offer suggestions.

Now that we are in 2020, we have tried something similar, looking back at media reports on bitcoin price predictions for the end of 2019 or 2020.


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