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iPhone 5s vs Galaxy S5


Both Apple and Samsung latest flagship devices pack a Fingerprint Scanner on their home button. Apple introduced fingerprint-scanning technology on the iPhone5S (Touch ID) scanner then Samsung included the same technology on its Galaxy S5 home button.

The iPhone requires you to place your finger on the Touch ID button, while Samsung asks that you swipe your finger, starting above the home button and moving almost directly through the center of it. And while Apple's software suit takes into account unlocking via different angles, Samsung's is sticking to the centered approach.

The Video below compares both device's Unlock Methods.


USB 3.1

All current USB cables USB 2.0, microUSB, USB 3.0 etc. They all have the same design but with higher speed and you it's a pain to plug-in a USB cable on your laptop, tablet or phone especially in the dark because they are all irreversible. But now Foxconn shows the first photo rending of a Reversible USB cable to be called USB 3.1 it wouldn't matter which end was plugged into what, or how you flipped it around.




USB 3.1 Type-C will finally break compatibility with the standard USB port design in favor of a much smaller connection interface, and will do away with the microUSB (and miniUSB) standard completely.


USB 3.1


The cable will boast a bandwidth of up to 10Gbps, though most of the other specifications are still up in the air. The cable is said to be coming later this year.


PlayStation 4


Sony's latest PlayStation 4 console sales has reached more than 7 Million units Globally. It was 6 Million early this month (March, 2014), which means Sony sold 1 Million PlayStation 4 console this month alone. Last yea at the launch of the console, Sony sold 1 Million in the first 24 Hours after its official announcement.


In comparison, the PS4 arch rival, the Xbox One from Microsoft, is believed to have sold just 3 million units since its launch though that's unconfirmed data at the moment. In PAL markets, Europe especially, the PS4 outsold the One at a ratio of 7:1 last week. By analytics' estimations PS4 sales in PAL regions for the week were around 180,000 units, while the Xbox One managed to sell just 25,000 units in the same markets.




NSA leaks and stories is getting worse because its spying illegal practices. New evidence suggests that the US-agency targeted 122 key world figures for unlawful surveillance.

The NSA employed a system known as "Nymrod" to spy on these figures. What does Nyrmod do? Well it's an advanced surveillance system that automatically tracks, records, and logs key communications from a variety of different sources, such as phone calls, emails, and text messages. These key communications are deemed "cites" from the US agency.

Who were some of the people targeted? Ukranian Prime Minister, Yulia Tymoshenko, German Chancellor Angela, and Syrian President Bashar Asad, to name a few. There are plenty of other leaders and important figures that have had cites collected from their communications. More info on the source link below.



A Year ago, Twitter announced their #music service that allowed users to stream music from a dedicated #music iOS App and follow your favorite artists on Twitter to keep track with his latest albums, singles and news.





After a lukewarm response from users and prolonged lack of development on the app side, Twitter finally announced that they are killing the service. The app has been pulled from the App Store and those who downloaded it will be able to use it till April 18th which is when the service completes its first and final year. Goodbye Twitter#music.



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