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Directx12 2015



Microsoft has officially announced the latest version of its latest graphics technology DirectX 12 at the GDC last week. The excited part that it will launched with special optimizations to Windows Phone devices along with the desktop versions of Windows.


DirectX 12

DirectX 12 includes special APIs and libraries to provide greater performance with reduced power usage. It will be quite a while before we see anything on the next generation mobile gaming front. Hopefully, the first DirectX 12 games are expected all the way in late 2015.


USB on the Go


Former Microsoft employee Nawzil Najeeb is claiming that his device running Windows Phone 8.1 recognizes USB connections to the handset, which means that it supports USB on-the-go.





"USB storage detected. Tap to view files," is the message that appears when he plugged in a USB thumb drive to his Windows Phone using a USB OTG (on-the-go) cable. This looks like good news for those that are hoping to be able to access the file system in Windows Phone too.




Having USB OTG support does open up a lot of functionality to Windows Phone. In addition to external storage devices, we could see all sorts of accessory support.



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