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Windows 9

Surprise! Some Exclusive Screenshots of the Upcoming Windows 9 Technical Preview has been leaked ahead of the scheduled release which is set for early 2015. The Preview is for Microsoft Windows NT 6.4 Build 9834 which is known as "Windows 9".


Windows 9


The screenshots show a refreshed user interface with some new, flat iconography, alongside the long awaited return of the classic Start menu. Windows 9 can run with just 1GB of RAM, which means that Microsoft has done some serious under the hood work to optimize the OS.


Windows 9


Codenamed Threshold, Windows 9 is anticipated to bring some new features as well. One of them is the highly anticipated option to add a bunch of workspaces. Akin to Linux, those workspaces can hold different applications and make switching between different working environments a breeze.


Windows 9


Windows 9


Windows 9


Windows 9






This might be a bit weird, PornHub tracked the number of pages per visit. Now, you can read whatever you want into these numbers, but it turns out that Windows Phone users average 10.27 pages looked at during an average, uh, sitting. That compares to the 9.06 pages that Android users look at, and the 9.63 pages on average that BlackBerry users look at. For iOS users, the average is 9.78 PornHub pages viewed at one time. It would appear that Windows Phone users might take a bit longer than users of the other platforms, to complete their journey.


windows phone


On the other, er, hand, the average time of each visit gives us some new information to ponder. BlackBerry users spend the most time per session at 11 minutes, 53 seconds. There is more than two minute difference between that figure, and the 9 minutes, 17 seconds that the average Windows Phone user spends on the site. We could point out that BlackBerry users are older, executive types. Perhaps they need the extra two minutes to reach their objective. The shortest amount of time spent on PornHub belongs to iOS users at 8 minutes and 53 seconds.


windows phone os


So what platforms are visiting PornHub the most? Based on global traffic, 48.34% of visitors to PornHub are taking the trip on Android. 40.60% are using iOS. 2.3% of global visitors to the site are using Windows Phone when they arrive at the site. While 1.81% are employing a BlackBerry when visiting PornHub, 1.18% are using a Samsung mobile device.



Windows 9


A public "Tech Preview" of the next version of Windows, Windows 9 codenamed "Threshold", could apparently land as soon as next month, according to certain unnamed sources. This version will almost certainly end up being called Windows 9 when it's going to be released in spring 2015.


Windows 9 has recently been rumored to introduce a few interesting new features, most of which are actually fixes to the niggles many have had with Windows 8 and its radical two-faced approach to computing. Long story short: using Windows with a mouse and keyboard is about to become a lot less of a hassle.


Windows 9


So, the Modern (aka Metro) apps are due to get windowing support, the elusive Charms bar will be gone forever, there will be a new "mini" Start Menu, and Microsoft may also bake in virtual desktops. Additionally, we may see Cortana make an appearance outside of the confines of Windows Phone.




IE 11


Microsoft would be updating its IE software to protect against older, malicious plug-in malware. The catch was, the new updates would leave older versions of Internet Explorer without any updates or support any more. New info reveals that Microsoft is going to be pulling the plug on older versions of IE.


This is a move to get users to update to the newer software offered by Microsoft, which explains that IE 11 is a faster, more secure web experience, and that users are halting the progress of developers who need to spend time coding for older web technology that doesn't play nice with modern web tech.


So, When will Microsoft finally decide to pull the plug? January 12th, 2016 and after that, the company will no longer support any versions other than the current IE build: IE 11. Microsoft even provided links to users to different resources that assist with browser migration.



xbox music


Microsoft's Windows Phone 8.1 Xbox Music App has received a major update. The most wanted feature that the update brings is audio-scrubbing, the ability to jump to a specific point in a song just by dragging its progress bar.

Previously, you had to keep your finger pressed down on the skip button, giving users a very 90s-esque experience. Microsoft has included a bunch of other updates as well: from stability and bug fixes, to tweaking how playlists work (some users suffered from playlists duplicating tracks for no reason).


- Audio scrubbing is now supported.
- Smoother FFW and REW animations.
- UI fixes to improve visibility of content.
- Bug fixed where songs are incorrectly removed from playlists.
- Fixes for unexpected app exits.




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