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No we are not joking and this isn't a self-assigned term either as Samsung has actually applied recently for patenting the exact phrase, "Beast Mode." The application for having the name as their licensed copyright material was filed in the European Union. If you have any doubt as to where Samsung is going to use it, be informed that they plan to use it for naming something that's related to a future version of Samsung's smartphone UI. This is what has led us and many others to believe that the S8 may have an option called Beast Mode.

Although the trademark doesn't explain how Samsung plans to use it, it doesn't take a genius to guess that it will perhaps be an enhanced version of the Performance Mode already used by plenty of smartphone User Interfaces to increase the raw processing power of the device for better results in benchmarks and 3D games. Some are speculating that the Beast Mode may also have something to do with VR. We will find out more before the Galaxy S8 is made official in April.

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