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MegaVegas is a fairly young development in Canadian online gambling. While other nations around the world may have somewhat wilder, more extreme solutions when it comes to the methods of gambling, the lawmakers of Canada have managed to maintain a heavily regulated, even-handed approach, despite the allure of making easy money. Their laws remain fairly flexible, while still keeping the welfare of their citizens in mind at all times. 

To understand the foundations of Canadian gambling, it is best to first take a look at the history behind it. Prior to the 1970s, gambling was an illegal practice, and made up the majority of Canada's organised crime rate. This slowly began to change as the years went on, as these previously-illegal gaming activities suddenly became accessible to the average citizen. In 1985, the next major leap took place when territories and provinces were given the right to oversee these games, such as Slots, charitable gaming and Lotteries. 

When it comes to online gambling, Canada's rules are somewhat undecided. Canadian law doesn't prohibit the practice of betting online, but it does insist on the service to be fully licensed or owned by a provincial government, in order to be considered legal. And luckily for you, MegaVegas has all of that sorted, so you'll be ready to go!

Each province within Canada is considered to be their own self-governed entity, therefore they have their own individual policies when it comes to practicing safe gambling. Read on below to find out a little bit about some of the most casino-crazy places in the country!


Ontario is known to have the highest population of people out of all the provinces within Canada. And with that, over 90% of residents in Southern Ontario are within a one-hour drive of a legal gambling institution. 

  • There are over 25 land-based casinos across Ontario, ranging from privately-owned buildings along with more commercialised government locations.

  • As well as being featured in the land-based casinos, Slot machines can also be found at racetracks and other event locations.

  • Ontario residents appear to deeply enjoy a game of Lotto! In addition to National Lottery draws, they can also partake in Ontario's very own Lottery draws. They actually boast one of the largest Lottery networks in North America!


Quebec was one of the first provinces to begin offering these legal games of chance, having joined the motion in 1970, offering more and more variations of much-loved casino games each year. 

  • Quebec is currently home to nine land-based casinos, which are popular with both locals and citizens from neighbouring American states. All their gambling activity is overseen by the Quebec Alcohol, Racing, and Gaming Commission to ensure fun, safe and fair gameplay at all times!

  • Their preferences appear to be somewhat traditional, as they have little to no support set up to maintain online gambling sites. Residents can play on any site that allows them online from their location, specifically the government-owned Espacejeux.

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