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2018 will forever be remembered as the year that gave online gambling the publicity that it needs. The growth observed in the online gaming industry, the increase in technological advancements, and the incorporation of virtual reality is now shaping online gambling as a market to be reckoned with.

But, with so much observed so far, there are just a few more surprises to be expected in 2019. Let us provide you with some trends to expect.

  1. More Advanced Role of Virtual Reality- Online gambling industry will definitely be looking to consolidate on their success with the use of virtual reality in the industry. They will be looking to provide more dynamic ways of playing games and experiencing the casino atmosphere. For example, Oculus Rift and Gameplay are looking to take their users to a whole new level with AR in their gaming experience. They will now see their playing partners and opponents on the same table with this new technology.
  1. Increased Use of Digital Currencies- Since Bitcoin started out in 2009, more and more digital currencies like Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Ripples and the likes, cryptocurrencies are now seen as a valid means of transaction. Even though the growth is gradual, sooner or later, the world will accept it and it is even poised to overtake fiat currencies. More and more gambling sites are making available the option of depositing and withdrawing in Bitcoin- which is the most popular digital currencies. So, if that has started right now, expect more of it in 2019. Other cryptocurrencies will definitely be added. Another advantage is the fact that the blockchain technology provides a better and more secure way of completing transactions.
  1. More emphasis on Technology- 2019 is poised to be a better year in the integration of more technology in the online gambling industry. For now, the technology behind secure logins will continue to get better, trying to improve how often a user needs to type up their username and passwords during an online session. We can also expect that fingerprint technology will be improved to help users get an easier way to logging in, as in the case with Swedish bank ID. It is common nowadays to use fingerprints in unlocking our smartphones. Imagine how easy it will be when users can access their accounts by just scanning their fingerprints.
  1. Improved Live Dealer experience- Presently, the live dealer gaming experience is common among online gamblers because with it they feel like they are part of the actual stuff the more. In 2019, we can expect such innovation to get even better. For example, Golden Nugget is starting to offer more to its customers in the Live Dealer experience by featuring a roulette option straight from the casino. Online casinos is another area that we expect big changes in 2019. Even though sites like already allows you to play live casinos online now, you can expect something new and even better from them in 2019.
  1. Cross-platform Gaming- Presently, many people like executing a lot of things from their mobile devices. The same goes for online gaming too. For instance, recent statistics show that 50% of the revenue generated from gambling comes from mobile devices. It is a known fact that people love doing things on-the-go. We can rightly expect that online gaming platforms will be trying to make their services more available via the internet in 2019.

So, expect the unexpected. Expect big things from the online gambling industry in 2019.




Mobile gambling was hardly a blip on the radar a few years ago but the amount of players using mobile phones to play casino games is increasing daily.

Today mobile phones have more processing power and the mobile games on offer are of a very high quality and standard. According to Optimove, mobile players generally spend more time playing online and convert faster into paying customers.

What is mobile gambling?

Mobile gambling is playing a game of chance or skill using a mobile device connected to a secure Wi-Fi network. This allows for instant online play or downloading of games. Many casino owners now release mobile applications which are compatible with Android and iOS devices.

However, mobile device owners can also directly access online casinos from the browsers on their phones as most of them have HTML-driven versions optimized for small screens.

Mobile gambling as a part of online gambling

Every country has restrictions when it comes to online gambling, which includes mobile gambling, and access may depend on where a player is situated.

A Deloitte report on the British remote betting and gaming industry contains various tables that show the mobile gambling market as being especially robust in the U.K. They found that about a third of all gamblers use their smartphones or tablets to play.

Mobile gambling is the same as online gambling in most respects - with the added advantage of being able to play while on-the-go.

Why mobile casinos are so popular

Mobility and fast access to mobile gambling platforms, new ways to pay by phone and exclusive bonuses have all contributed to the popularity of mobile casinos.

A growing number of users are enjoying more interactive experiences as they use their devices to place bets whenever and wherever they're in the mood to do so. They can play mobile slots and pay by phone bill. It is possible to play in odd moments while standing in a queue or waiting for a bus.

The growth in mobile gambling also comes from the popularity of social gaming. Consumers enjoy playing free casino games and low minimum deposit casinos will then offer them real money casino games.

Most popular mobile casino games nowadays

All the best mobile casino apps for real money in 2019 offer games such as blackjack, roulette, baccarat, video poker and slots that are especially tailored for a mobile phone.

You can find the top casino apps for smartphones that are as secure as computer platforms, using 128-bit end-to-end encryption.

If you're wondering whether you're able to play every online casino game on a mobile, the answer is almost all of them. You may not be able to enjoy live dealer games but you can play most slots and table games.


Mobile devices are changing the online gambling industry quickly, resulting in a necessity to provide a seamless user experience for players. Mobile is becoming a key channel for expansion to new users, driving the growth of the online gaming industry as a whole.



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