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Well Samsung doesn't have much left to reveal when it comes to the specs of the Galaxy S7, thanks to all the detailed leaks. So they decided to invite Mark Zuckerberg to appear as a guest and surprise the crowd. But, they didn't know that the crowd to go frenzied by Facebook chief's sudden appearance.

The event's setting was perfect, journalists were invited to witness Samsung's Virtual Reality demo via Gear VR headsets. Once the Gear headsets were removed, Zuckerberg appeared in his usual grey T-shirt. After couple of moments of shock, the journalists and photographers started running toward the stage in order to click a picture. He was there to shed light on the collaboration between Samsung and Facebook for VR technology. Sadly, people were just too spellbound to listen to his words.

Anyway the whole idea of creating buzz was achieved for Samsung. An Australian TV presenter did a show only focused the chaos created by Mark's appearance. Though the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are great devices, they were eclipsed by the tech celebrity's presence. On 22nd February, the morning TV and radio shows in Barcelona started with Mark Zuckerberg's name. There is no doubt that the MWC event is pretty big, but all the companies making major announcements about their product were pushed to second place because of this unexpected surprise.



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