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Just the other day, I was thinking that it's still too early to be seeing video leaks regarding the Galaxy Note 8 and today we have exactly that! Admittedly, it's not exactly a Galaxy Note 8 per se that we are seeing in the video, but it still is a pretty clear indication of how the next Note from Samsung will look like from the front. Before we talk any more about it, you need to check out the video first. Take a look and see what you think about it.

The front panels show that the Note 8 will sport the same design language as the S8+, but we expected that much. If you are worried about the authenticity about the video, we cannot guarantee that, but this much can be said that the chances of this one being a fake is almost next to nothing. Firstly, the design language is too similar to that of the S8+ for it to be a product of any other company. Secondly, no tampering has been done with the video as far as we can see. Now that we know how the front panel will look like, let's just hope that the final phone has a few better surprises waiting for us.

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