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‘two' - Zoi Koraki via Flickr CC BY-ND 2.0

In the last twenty years, tech has changed so much about the way in which we live and work, including, how we date. One study shows that by 2031 around 50% of relationships will have started on the web. But what is it about online dating and, in particular, dating apps that have made them so popular. In this article, we'll attempt to break down the main appeals of dating apps and explain why so many of us are looking for love in the digital realm. 

A wider pool

One of the biggest benefits of dating apps is that they let us see how many options we have. Many of us have trouble finding friends as an adult, let alone finding a romantic match. Once you've exhausted connections from your hobbies and mutual friends it can feel hard to meet people in real life. Dating apps allow you to realise just how many other singles there are out there. Sites like Badoo have over 300 million users! A wider dating pool means you don't feel the need to settle and you can really search for your perfect match. 


In today's world, many of us can feel like we have little time to actually put an evening aside to go on a date. A key benefit of dating apps is that they let you get to know people at your own pace. Rather than putting aside a whole evening to meet up with someone, you can simply message whenever you have a few free minutes and let the relationship develop on your own schedule. 

Really getting to know your date 

Dating apps also allow you to avoid some of the first date awkwardness that you would get on a blind date. Dating apps allow you to get to know the person first. Not only do people's profiles give you some info on who you're about to chat to, but online dating also allows you to get all those awkward 'firsts' out the way before you meet up. By the time you go out on a date, you'll actually know some things about your match, which can help avoid awkward silences and not knowing what to say. 


Another reason that dating apps are so popular is that most of them are free. Traditionally, online dating sites have charged for their services, but dating apps allow you to meet a whole range of people for free. They also let you weed out people who wouldn't make it past a first date, so you save the money you would have spent on an unsuccessful date with them!

Less Stress

If you're someone who is easily stressed or has anxiety, then dating apps can have huge benefits. They help you build up to meeting the person and give you the distance and time you might not have had otherwise to really help you develop a relationship. 


‘Rose romance' - Maria Eklind via Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

Have you ever used a dating app? Do you prefer meeting people in the real world or online? Let us know in the comments.


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