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We owe it to MobileFunTV on YouTube for bringing us this video footage which shows the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in hand for the first time ever. This is not a render video created by merging info and imagination together, but a live shot footage of a person using the upcoming device. It's only 25 seconds long, but considering that the Note 7 is still almost two weeks away from being officially unveiled, it's quite a treat for us.

So what does it reveal? It confirms the dual Edge display as expected and the display seems to be quite reflective. We are not sure whether the reflective nature of the screen as seen in the video is a result of a screenguard being used over the display. We also seemed to notice a bit of lag in response strangely enough, although that could just be a case of missed tapping. It should also be noted that this probably a pre-release version. Nevertheless, it looks gorgeous and we can't wait to get a better look at it when Samsung unveils it on August 2.

Author: Saikat Kar (tech enthusiast)


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