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The Galaxy S8 Active is once again coming to AT&T, just as last year and the year before that. If you are not exactly aware of what the "Active" version of Samsung's Galaxy S-series smartphones are, then know that they are fundamentally the same smartphones, with the only differences being a bigger battery and better protection against shock, dust and water. In that regard, the S8 Active will be the more durable version of the regular Galaxy S8. Considering how fragile the S8 and S8+ looks, we would say that's good news for AT&T users.

The news was leaked by SamMobile and although the site did not have any images of the Galaxy S8 Active, it did leak two important pieces of info to all of us. Firstly, the S8 Active will be codenamed Cruiser and secondly, the device will have the model number SM-G892A. The bigger battery which usually accompanies all Galaxy S Active smartphones is the main attraction for us and if you would like to get your hands on one as well, you may have to wait till June.

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