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Although the official unveiling date for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is still more than a month away on the 2nd of August, rumors and leaks have already given away most of what to expect from the next Note. The latest leak even hints at a brand new "Coral Blue" variant that has not been seen on a Galaxy Note device yet. Most importantly though, two debated issues regarding the name of the next Note and the choice of display has now been resolved. The next Note will be called Note 7 instead of Note 6, even though it is the sixth iteration in the series. Also, there will be no flat screen variant of the Note 7 at release, but only one version with a curved/Edge display.

To top it all off, if there was any doubt in anyone's mind regarding the actual shape and form of the upcoming Note, it has been cleared by Olixar's online listings. Olixar has listed three NovaShield covers for the Galaxy Note 7 in Blue Leather, Carbon Fibre Gold and Red Leather. Interestingly enough, the listings clearly show the cases wrapped around a white Note 7 with a curve display and a S-Pen slot at the bottom right. In order to know more about the Samsung Galaxy Note7, check out our spec sheet and rumoured spec lists.

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