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Note 4 UV Sensor


Samsung's Galaxy S5 came with a dedicated heart-rate monitor, and while the benefits of this additional sensor remain dubious at best, the recently-announced Galaxy Note 4 and Note 4 Edge have something new to try, a dedicated UV and SpO2 sensors.


Note 4 spo2 Sensor


So, what exactly do these two new sensors bring to the table? Well, the UV sensor is pretty self-explanatory: when you're outside and point the sensor (positioned on the back of the Note 4) at the sun, it'll show you the current level of UV radiation and whether or not that's good for your health. Due to the hall's lighting naturally resulted in an extremely low UV reading. On the other hand, the SpO2 sensor measures the amount of Oxygen (O2) on your blood.


To see the new SpO2 and UV sensors on action. Check out the Video Below!



Sensors Demo [Video]


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