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Samsung's debuting their new Tizen powered Samsung Z3 in India. It's designed as a value device, but it still features some major hardware improvements over the Z1.

The Z3 features:

  • 1.3 GHz quad-core processor
  • 720p 5 inch HD Super AMOLED display
  • 8 GB internal storage
  • 1 GB RAM
  • Compatibility for up 128 GB microSD cards
  • 8 MP rear and 5 MP front cameras

Despite the upgrades, the Samsung Z3 still lacks support for 4G LTE. The design itself is reminiscent of Samsung's mid-range priced Galaxy A series with the curved back much like a Galaxy Note 5.

The Tizen OS and software features such as Ultra Data Saving Mode gives users as much as a 40% data savings. The Ultra Power Saving Mode boosts battery life as well. Samsung's also tailored their My Galaxy app to offer content specifically for Indian consumers.

You can get the Z3 in silver, black and gold for Rs. 8,490 or $130. It'll be available later in the month via Snapdeal.

Source: Samsung Tomorrow


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We found a video on the YouTube channel named TIZEN Indonesia which shows us leaked footage of the upcoming Samsung Z2 for a brief period of about 33 seconds. Check out the video and you will even see the already released Z1 and Z3 beside the upcoming Z2. All the three Tizen-powered smartphones seem to be running an app named Unity on screen.

Although we are happy to see live footage of the unreleased Z2 in action, the quality of the video leaves something to be desired though. Also, we did not get a look at the back of the device. It wasn't really revealed in the video, but most of us are expecting the Samsung Z2 to be powered by 1GB of RAM, a quad-core processor, a 2,000 mAh battery and a 4.5-inch display. The device will of course be powered by the Tizen OS 3.0 and will possibly be made available for purchase in Asia and parts of Africa.

Apart from the Tizen OS 3.0 though, the hardware specs are nothing to write home about and they are a bit disappointing to be honest. However, we are used to seeing budget devices with low-end hardware configurations from Samsung by now.

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Solis stands for Sun in Spanish and that's what Samsung has decided to name its next smartwatch. SamMobile reported the news along with suggesting that the term "Solis" probably indicates that this one will be round like the sun! The Korean OEM is aiming for a more typical and traditional watch-esque look with the Solis than the rectangular devices that we are now used to seeing from manufacturers all over.

Going by the fact that this will be the successor to the Gear S2, Solis will possibly sport better hardware than its predecessor, but the specifics are unclear right now. According to the report, there will be three general variants of the smartwatch with the model numbers SM-R760, SM-R765 and SM-R770. However, there will also be two carrier specific variants; namely the SM-765V and the SM-765S.

The big news about the Solis range of smartwatches is the fact these will not run on any version of the Android OS. Instead, they will be using Samsung's own home-grown Tizen OS to run things. It is also expected that they will feature a larger display than the tiny 1.2-inch one we saw with the Gear S2. If you are excited about the Solis, did it disappoint you to know that it will ruin on Tizen? We ourselves will reserve that judgement till we manage to get a closer look at one.

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Amihai Neiderman from Equus Software has revealed some very interesting and worrying results about Samsung's propriety OS Tizen. If his findings are true then Tizen has 40 zero-day vulnerabilities, which translates to the OS becoming a hacker's dream. He went on to state that Tizen's security protocols seem like the work of someone who has no grasp over the concept of cyber security at all and added that it is "the worst he'd ever seen."

If this is true then any device currently running on Tizen can be remote hacked by a cyber criminal sitting half-way across the world. This leaves millions of smart TVs, smart watches, smartphones and other Samsung devices running on the OS vulnerable to cyber attacks, thereby causing a mass breach of security across the world. Neiderman adds that Samsung's Bada OS, which the company had discarded long ago, was actually more secure than Tizen, since the old codes from Bada being used by Tizen are still secure. The problem has clearly originated in the last two years since all the vulnerable coding were reportedly done during that period of time. Will Samsung be able to patch this up with security updates? A response from Samsung has not yet been received.

Saikat Kar (tech-enthusiast)


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