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How would you like it if you got discount coupons on pizza, each time you downloaded and installed an update for your smartphone? Samsung seems to think that it's a great idea to encourage people in updating their phones. According to Sam Mobile, Galaxy J7 users in India are getting a flat 20% off on their next order from Domino's, as long as they just update their smartphones with the latest SMR package via OTA or from a Samsung Experience Store.

It might come as a surprise to many that customers need an incentive to download a security update, but a reluctance to download new software has been seen in certain markets around the world. It could be related to the fact that many of the low-end smartphones sold in these areas do not have sufficient space on their internal storage at times to accommodate a big download. At other times, users may not have access to a fast Wi-Fi connection with sufficient bandwidth. Whatever the reason is, it will be interesting to see if this strategy by Samsung actually works! Would it work for you?

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Ever since Stagefright came into public limelight in 2015, Samsung had taken up a policy to keep all its top-tier handsets updated with the latest security patches on a monthly basis. This was a step by the Korean smartphone manufacturer to ensure that this chink in Android's armor cannot affect its flagships. So far, Samsung has kept its promise and as a result, all the major smartphones under the company's banner usually get monthly security patches.

2015 is behind us now and the January, 2016 is coming to an end, but Samsung still makes good on its promise as January security patches for the S5, Note4, S6, S6 Active, S6 Edge, S6 Edge+ and Note 5 are now going live OTA. The update is designed to not only thwart present attacks by hackers, but also has elements programmed into the kernel to prevent attacks that have not yet been exposed.

In fact, the security update won't even have a fully disclosed changelog accompanying it as that would make it accessible to hackers, who can then use that data to penetrate the security system of Samsung smartphones. Nonetheless, Samsung has assured its users that this will fix prime susceptibilities that the aforementioned smartphones may have to remote code execution. Although this is good on Samsung's part, it leaves us with a question, what about the other, cheaper Samsung smartphones and their users?

Source: SamsungMobile.com

Galaxy E7 lollipop

Samsung has released the official Android 5.1.1 Lollipop Update for the Galaxy E5 (SM-E500) mid-range device just few weeks ago already and it's available in India and Russia. Now, it's his big brother's turn, the Galaxy E7 (SM-E700). The update packs lots of performance improvements, bug fixes and many new features for the E family.


Galaxy E5 lollipop update


However, SamsungUK has confirmed via its official account that the Galaxy E7 WILL NOT get updated to Android 5.1.1 Lollipop. Even Though that both devices (E5 and E7) packs very similar specs.



There was no reason mentioned but we reached out for the company for an explanation and they replied that only the UK region E7 users will not get the lollipop update without clarifying the reason. So, this only applied to the UK region and carriers only.


Stay tuned for more info or changes on this!




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