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Today's brand new and exciting list of updates is here and it looks like the list has only the Galaxy A5 on it tonight! Do go through our tutorial first before trying to manually update your device for safety purposes.

Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (7.0) - Croatia (CRO) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (7.0) - DDE NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (7.0) - France (BOG) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (7.0) - ORX NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (7.0) - South africa (XFA) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (7.0) - Germany (DTM) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (7.0) - Hungary (TMH) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (7.0) - TTR NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (7.0) - Argentina (CTI) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (7.0) - CTU NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (7.0) - Chile (CHO) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (7.0) - Poland (PRT) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (7.0) - Austria (TRG) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (7.0) - Austria (MAX) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (7.0) - Colombia (COB) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (7.0) - Czech republic (TMZ) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (7.0) - South africa (XFV) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (7.0) - Italy (TIM) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (7.0) - Greece (COS) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (7.0) - Hungary (PAN) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (7.0) - Macedonia (MBM) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (7.0) - Sweden (HTS) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (7.0) - Bosnia and herzegovina (ERO) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (7.0) - United kingdom (BTU) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (7.0) - France (XEF) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (7.0) - Kazakhstan (SKZ) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (7.0) - United kingdom (VOD) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (7.0) - Finland (NEE) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (7.0) - Hungary (VDH) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (7.0) - Uzbekistan (CAC) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (7.0) - Ukraine (SEK) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (7.0) - Ireland (VDI) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (7.0) - Belgium / luxemburg (PRO) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (7.0) - MXO NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (7.0) - Czech republic (VDC) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (7.0) - BVO NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (7.0) - Spain (XEC) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (7.0) - United kingdom (H3G) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (7.0) - XEG NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (7.0) - Romania (CNX) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (7.0) - Egypt (EGY) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (7.0) - Australia (VAU) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (7.0) - Luxemburg (LUX) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (7.0) - Everything everywhere (EVR) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (7.0) - Slovenia (SIM) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (7.0) - Trinidad and tobago (TTT) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (7.0) - Italy (OMN) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (7.0) - Philippines (SMA) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (7.0) - Spain (PHE) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (7.0) - XID NEW!

A digital nomad is someone who works remotely, usually in a different country, through the power of the Internet. This kind of lifestyle has become popular among this generation's professionals, as it affords them a lot of flexibility and free time to pursue other things outside of work.


The key to being a successful digital nomad is preparation. For it to become an enjoyable, thriving lifestyle, a digital nomad must have these gadgets in their toolkit.


A universal travel surge protector


It's important that you protect your precious technology from random power surges and electrical mishaps. A great way to do that is by investing in a reliable travel surge protector. Get a unit that can be used in various regions, or at the very least, the countries that you want to visit.


A travel smartphone and SIM card set


Find out which mobile carriers are available at your destination, and if your smartphone can be used for their prepaid services. If your phone won't cut it for some reason, you'll have to get a secondary handset for use while traveling.


WiFi and mobile signal boosters


Wireless and mobile strength can be extremely spotty at times, especially in rural and far-flung areas. Be prepared to handle these situations with a wireless travel router and a portable signal booster kit. Stable power and a reliable Internet connection are two of the most important resources that a digital nomad needs for their lifestyle. Take a look at the weBoost Signal Booster series for dependable kits.


A tablet or e-reader


A tablet is generally more expensive, but it can do a lot more than a simple e-reader. If you're content with reading e-books and comics, then the latter should be enough for your needs.


Encrypted portable drives


There will be times that you'll need to plug in your portable drive to a public terminal to transfer files or maybe get documents printed. Naturally, you don't want your stored data to get stolen. For these instances, you can either use a different throwaway flash drive or settle for a slightly more expensive encrypted drive that you can use for a long time.


A lightweight gaming laptop


If you're into gaming, then it's best to get a laptop that can handle it. Anything your standard office laptop can do, a gaming laptop can do faster and better. Fortunately, nowadays, gaming laptops aren't that heavy anymore, so you don't have to worry about lugging a hefty backpack. 


A solar backpack


You might as well grab a backpack that can charge your gadgets with the power of the sun. Settle for a sturdy pack that has waterproofing as well as useful anti-theft features like locking mechanisms and a rugged, slashproof body.


Extra power banks


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A portable Bluetooth speaker


For the moments when you want to share yourwec sophisticated musical tastes with the whole world. Good tunes need to be shared with other people after all.


Noise-canceling headphones


For the times when you just want to blur out the noisy madness of daily life. This can be an invaluable, sanity-saving tool that can make or break your experience as a digital nomad in an unfamiliar land.


The Galaxy S8 and S8+ have just started to receive the April security patch in Germany, but we wouldn't be surprised if you are seeing the same update arrive for you in some other region as well. The security update patches in eight bugs in Samsung's own software and multiple other security threats to the Android OS that's running underneath. If you own the Galaxy S8, you should see the update arrive as firmware version G950FXXU1CRD7, while firmware version G955FXXU1CRD7 is making its way to the Galaxy S8+ owners in Germany (and hopefully all the other regions soon). The update is roughly 570MB in size as per reports.

More interestingly, both the updates are expected to bring improvements to the cameras of the two smartphones. Since the improvements are described only as "stability," it's hard to tell if it really improves anything noticeably. I will add though that ever since the Oreo upgrade, my Galaxy S8 has not been producing images as sharp as it used to, so I am hoping that this will change that for the better. Additionally, the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functionalities will also be improved by the update and I can personally vouch for the fact that at least the S8 I won definitely needs an improvement on both fronts!

Check out our firmware section to find all the latest updates for your Samsung smartphones and tablets.

Via: SamMobile

Saikat Kar

The latest updates of the day include the latest security updates for Galaxy A5. The official OTA packages are available for download from our firmware section, or you can click directly on the links below to get what you need. Be sure to check our our helpful tutorial first.

Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (7.0) - ETL NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (7.0) - Portugal (TCL) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (7.0) - Austria (ATO) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (7.0) - Switzerland (AUT) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (7.0) - Orange poland (OPV) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (7.0) - Poland (XEO) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (7.0) - Croatia (VIP) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (7.0) - Cyprus (CYV) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (7.0) - Austria (MOB) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (7.0) - Spain (ATL) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (7.0) - Greece (VGR) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (7.0) - Panama (TPA) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (7.0) - United kingdom (O2U) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (7.0) - Portugal (TPH) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (7.0) - Italy (ITV) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (7.0) - Taiwan (BRI) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (7.0) - Germany (DBT) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (7.0) - Austria (DRE) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (7.0) - Sri lanka (SLK) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (7.0) - CAM NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (7.0) - Thailand (THL) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (7.0) - Baltic (SEB) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (7.0) - Vietnam (XXV) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (7.0) - Romania (ROM) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (7.0) - India (INS) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (7.0) - MYM NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (7.0) - Greece (EUR) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (7.0) - Philippines (GLB) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (7.0) - Bulgaria (BGL) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (7.0) - Malaysia (XME) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (7.0) - Hungary (XEH) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (7.0) - Philippines (XTC) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (7.0) - Morocco (MWD) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (7.0) - LYS NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (7.0) - Israel (ILO) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (7.0) - Libya (BTC) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (7.0) - South africa (XFE) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (7.0) - Saudi arabia (KSA) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (7.0) - WTL NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (7.0) - Iran (THR) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (7.0) - Peru (SAM) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (7.0) - Tunisia (TUN) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (7.0) - Morocco (MAT) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (7.0) - Ireland (MET) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (7.0) - Russia (SER) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (7.0) - ACR NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (7.0) - United arab emirates (XSG) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (7.0) - Algeria (TMC) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (7.0) - Iraq (MID) NEW!
Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F) - (7.0) - Egypt (EGY) NEW!

Now that Samsung has mostly finished upgrading all its recent flagships and some high-end smartphones with the Android Oreo 8.0 update, the company has shifted its focus towards mid-rangers and the Galaxy A5 (2017) is reportedly the first lucky device in the segment to receive the latest (major) version of the Android OS. We know that it isn't most timely of updates but given how many handsets will never even get Oreo, we think the owners of the Galaxy A5 (2017) should be pretty happy. It doesn't really come as a big surprise though as the A5 (2017) was already on Samsung's update list and just a few weeks ago, the handset was seen getting tested with Android 8.0 on Wi-Fi Alliance.

As of now, reports indicate that Russia is where the roll out started, but it should spread to most of the other regions pretty soon as well. Expect the OTA package to weigh in at around 1.2GB, but the firmware version was not mentioned by the source. Nevertheless, if you look closely, you can probably make it out from the screenshots and it looks to be A520FXXU4CRD3.

Source: SamMobile

Saikat Kar

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