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Android App Stats on Google Play Store

1 June, 2013 Applications

No more digging through webpages to know what's going on for you (and your competition). App Stats is a powerful mobile tool for developers providing instant access to user ratings, app updates, price changes, and rankings in the Play Store with polled updates every 5-15 minutes.

You don't even have to check in to keep up. App Stats will notify you of major app events including version updates, price changes, ratings spikes / drops, major rank changes, and achieving Play Store badges like Top Developer and Editor's Choice.

App Stats is a huge time saver:

- Push a new release? Stop hitting refresh: you'll get notified when it goes live.
- Did that release go sour and get negative ratings? Get notified in time to fix it.
- Competing app went on sale? Now you'll know right away.

How App Stats Works

The app is delightfully simple, and afterall, isn't that the idea? App Stats looks and feels just like the Google Play Store, allowing the user to horizontally scroll across the following tabs:

  • My Apps
  • Top Paid
  • Top Free
  • Top Grossing
  • Top New Paid
  • Top New Free


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