Galaxy Note 8 Video teaser Released

14 August, 2017 Samsung

Samsung has just released the first official teaser video for the Galaxy Note 8 and you can check it out above or directly at YouTube if you wish. It isn't the most revealing teaser we have ever seen from Samsung, but it's a good reminder that the first Note device after 2015, that you will (hopefully) be able to buy without worrying about it exploding on you is about to come into limelight in less than ten days from now. In case you didn't know already, Samsung will be unveiling the Note 8 at a Samsung exclusive even in NYC on August 23.

If you have been following us (which you most definitely should), then you already know what the Galaxy Note 8 will look like, if not, then take a look at some of the leaked live images here. The internals are no secret either with them being different from the Galaxy S8+ only in terms of the rear camera (the Note 8 will sport dual cameras), perhaps the RAM and of course, the famous S-Pen. What will be interesting to see at the event is the price at which Samsung decides to launch the Note 8 in the US. We have heard that it could cross the $1,200 mark in some countries like India! We will find out soon enough.

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