Google Play Music Updated to v5.6.1616 with New Widgets [Download]

7 August, 2014 App Updates

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An update to the Google Play Music App to v5.6.1616, brings some New Music widgets. The old 4x1 Play Music widget now starts at 3 x 1, and is available in every size up to 4x4. Another widget is 1x1, and when tapped, plays the "I'm Feeling Lucky" radio station without even launching the Google Play Music app.


New weidgets


After you update the app, searching for a particular song or artist, will result in public playlists appearing at the bottom of the screen. You can subscribe to these playlists or download them just as if you had created them yourself.


New widgets


The update also includes improvements to the download management which is now called "Manage downloads" from its previous name, "View download queue." The name might be different, but it works the same way. It also will show you how much room on your device is being taken up by your tunes, and reveals the best ways to clear them from your phone.




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