Is the iOS 9.3 more stable than Android 6.0?

1 April, 2016 Apple

Apteligent is a research and analytics firm that has come into fresh attention with their latest reports about the iOS 9.3. If what they are claiming is to be believed, then the iOS 9.3 might just be the most stable version of the iOS that has been released by Apple in the recent past. If reports from the last eight days are taken into account, then crash rate for the iOS 9.3 stands at 2.2% as of now.

The 2.2% crash rate is a significantly improved result when compared to earlier iterations of the Apple iOS. The iOS 8, iOS 9 and even the iOS 9.2 had shown a crash rate that was north of 3.2% after the same eight day timeframe. In fact, as if surpassing all its predecessors wasn't enough, the iOS 9.3 has managed to beat the 2.6% crash rate of Android Marshmallow as well.

The only known issue with the iOS 9.3 yet, was the hiccup that it experienced during the initial roll-out. Apparently, some of the older Apple devices could not make use of the new update procedure and therefore, the roll-out was temporarily stopped in order to sort the problem out. We will find out more about this new iOS in time, but it sure looks like Apple has managed to produce the most stable mobile OS available right now.



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