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14 January, 2020 Gaming



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Whether you are a seasoned gamer or just starting to dabble in the gamer world, there is little doubt that the right accessories can make a world of difference to your gaming experience. From customizable keyboards and more responsive mice, the market is overflowing with gadgets designed to add a fresh dimension to your game. Here are just a few gadgets to help you level up your gaming experience.

Gaming Mice 

There are three things that make gaming mice different to regular mice: comfort, functionality and customization. While most traditional mice come with optical sensors, most modern gaming mice feature laser sensors, as they are more precise when it comes to physical to cursor movement. As you are likely to be using a mouse for prolonged periods of time, it is crucial that it has a good grip that doesn't fatigue your hand. Some other features to look for include customizable weight and center of balance, as well as additional buttons for the execution of programmable micro-commands. 

Racing Wheels

Specifically designed for racing game enthusiasts, racing wheels simulate the full driving experience. Most racing wheels feature an analog steering wheel, throttle, break controls, as well as on-wheel buttons. Some more advanced gadgets even come with a clutch, pattern shifters and handbrake controls. For an ultra realistic experience, look for racing wheels with force feedback, rather than just vibration, as these offer a greater sense of game immersion.


Audio, including background music and sound effects, can make or break a game. Surround sound speakers capable of picking up even the slightest noise are ideal for creating ambiance and increasing your reaction time. As such, hardcore gamers might wish to invest in a sound system with a subwoofer and two speakers to increase the depth of their gaming experience. 


Headphones are a great gaming accessory if you live with roommates who are not on the same page with you when it comes to the sounds of mortal combat. And with so many headphone options on the market, it is important to prioritize what is most important to your gaming experience. While wireless headphones that connect to your console via Bluetooth are great when it comes to comfort, they tend to experience some audio latency, or delay between what happens on screen and the time the sound associated with that action reaches your ears. Some other things to consider include audio quality, comfort and durability. 


Many gamers swear by their keyboards when it comes to that subtle competitive edge. Many gamers prefer mechanical keyboards, as opposed to membrane ones. The main differences between the two is the feel and sound the keys make to register that they have been pressed. Most regular keyboards use membrane technology, as it allows for a thinner design. While these are great for the office, many gamers like the distinct click sound of a mechanical keyboard-something that a membrane keyboard just doesn't offer. Many gaming keyboards also feature customizable buttons that can be set to execute certain in-game actions and background illumination that divides the keyboard into zones for quick visual reference.




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