Leaked iPhone 7 live action video

4 August, 2016 Apple

This is a hot week for smartphones as the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 just came out two days ago and we already have a video of the actual iPhone 7 for the first time. Apple fans have a pretty good idea about what to expect from the upcoming iPhones, thanks to a myriad of leaks and rumors, but now we have an actual live action video of the Apple iPhone 7, courtesy of TechTastic on YouTube, even though it is probably the property of GeekBar. The video actually confirms what we saw earlier with the mock-ups built from Foxconn schematics. The iPhone 7 prototype looks exactly the same as it did in those pictures.

If you are excited about the upcoming flagship, you will just need to wait for about a month more for its official unveiling, which would be either on September 6 or 7 according to sources. The iPhone 7 will go on sale from from September 16, but pre-orders will probably start on September 9. You will be able to own the 32GB version for $649, the 128GB version for $749 and the 256GB version for $849. For more on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, stay tuned.

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