Samsung is now extra vigilant in keeping the Galaxy S8 a secret

18 October, 2016 Samsung

There have already been plenty of rumors about Samsung's upcoming flagship device, the Galaxy S8, but Samsung is putting on the screws to keep the rumor lid tighter now. A report by the Korea Herald states that Samsung has informed all its supply chain partners and employees to practice caution and keep any details about the S8 a secret. In fact Samsung is taking it seriously enough to send out an email to all its employees that makes no secret about the company's belief; leaks regarding operational secrets of Samsung could "cause irreversible ramifications, posing a great financial risk on the company."

Leaks have often worked in favour of products around the world as they help to build excitement and anticipation in the same way as marketing does. However, it seems that the disaster with the Galaxy Note 7 has shaken up Samsung quite a bit and they are unwilling to take any chances whatsoever. That being said, the task of keeping the S8 a secret is almost an impossible one to be honest. There are literally hundreds of suppliers that Samsung closely works with, in addition to the thousands of people employed under them. To keep it a complete secret, Samsung will have to dedicate far too much attention to innumerable aspects.

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