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Samsung to launch Galaxy S5 4G+ on August,23rd in Singapore

21 August, 2014 Galaxy S7

Galaxy S5 4G+


After releasing the S5 LTE-A, Samsung announces as new variant of the Galaxy S5 called the Galaxy S5 4G+ and it be launched in Singapore first SingTel's new LTE-A network on August,23rd.


The Galaxy S5 4G+ is mostly similar to the US model except for one major difference; this model runs on the Snapdragon 805 chipset, same as the Korean model. However, unlike the Korean model, the 4G+ does not have a QHD display but rather the same Full HD display from the US and international models.


The Galaxy S5 4G+ will be available in six different plans on SingTel, it will priced starting from $688 (Singapore Dollar).





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