Top 3 Most Popular Gaming Genres and Games in 2020

20 June, 2020 Gaming


2020 is the only year in recent history where people got to save lives (including their own) just by sitting at home! From the perspective of a gamer, it doesn't get much better than that! Unfortunately, the year has been pretty slim in terms of game releases. One would think that te gaming industry would want to capitalize on all these people sitting at home and looking for a distraction, but unfortunately, that did not happen because nobody had any idea that a pandemic was coming!

Developing and releasing triple A titles with work from home developers is not exactly a femadeasible idea. Nevertheless, a few good games that were already in the pipelines saw release this year as scheduled, and they should keep us busy till Q3 - Q4, when major announcements in gaming will be . So without further delay, let us now look at the most played genres this tyear so far, as well as the games which made their respective genres so popular in 2020.

Online Casino Games



No other genre is as popular overall, as online casino games are in 2020. This applies to all sections of the modern world where online gambling is legal by law. However, the rules can be quite complicated, depending on which nation we are discussing here. If we take the Philippines for example, online and offline gambling are not illegal activities in the country, but that is only as long as the establishments are approved by the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR). As a result, all the best online casinos in the Philippines have a necessary PAGCOR approval of legality and authentication.

Games that played a big role in putting the whole casino game genre on top are mostly traditional live casino games such as roulette and blackjack. However, classic slot games like Gods of Gold, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Jumanji, Mayan Gods and Jack's Pot also continued to be favorites casino slot games in Canada. Canadian players who love the whole online and live casino experience, should check out this 888 casino bonus of C$1,500 that they are giving away exclusively to new members right now.

Turn-Based Tactics/Combat RPG



Aside from JRPGs, there aren't too many good western titles that have managed to get the turn-based action RPG formula right. The few that did however, have managed to hit all the right spots. We are talking about the Xcom series of course, and surprisingly enough, Firaxis released XCOM: Chimera Squad in April!

Nobody expected it, but the sequel did come and it came with a lot of new elements to it. Aside from mobile RPGs and the Final fantasy 7 Remake, this surprise release of Xcom: Chimera Squad is an important reason behind why turn-based games are among the most popular gaming genres in 2020.

Third Person Action




Unfortunately, even though it was and still is going to be the most prominent reason why third person action games will reach soaring heights this year, The Last of Us: Part II is a bad game! You can play it, and maybe you will like it, but don't believe the paid/biased reviews and dig a bit deeper to find out why you would be better off skipping this one.



Instead, save your money till Ghost of Tsushima gets a release in less than a month's time. Till then, Nioh 2 is just an amazing, but hard action RPG that you will always regret buying, but only because you will not be able to put it down, even after dying for the 20th time in a row!



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